Climate reductions seen industrially built in a pinch – NRK Vestland

Climate reductions seen industrially built in a pinch – NRK Vestland

Backlog and loss of strength «It must not destroy climate goals.”

This is the message of the government, which signed an agreement on Monday climate partnership with work.

The aim is to contribute to the green transition in the process industry and to create a “shared understanding of what is required to achieve climate goals”.

Close interaction is crucial for success with the promise of green industry, says Industry Minister Jan-Christian Pfister (AP).

On the same afternoon, in another town in the country, the community center in Høyanger was crowded with people.

So many people want to get in that the organizer has to use an extra room to accommodate everyone.

Frode Hof was among those who spoke during the general meeting in Høyanger on Monday afternoon. NVE predicts an increase in energy consumption in Norway of 36 TWh until 2040.


The regulator is the wind power trio Hydro, Eviny and Zephyr, and the plaintiffs are residents of the municipality.

The temperature measurement in the foyer shows that the attendees are angry, expectant, anxious, and hopeful.

and everything in between.

why? Because Hydro is tempting billions of dollars in investment and hopes for the future in exchange for a wind farm.

The message from Cornerstone is clear: a wind farm is essential to ensuring sufficient power for the aluminum plant beyond 2030.

The goal is to decarbonize all aluminum plants. Ola Sæter at Hydro Aluminum says access to renewable energy is a prerequisite for this.

before christmas announce The company that will supply Mercedes-Benz with low-carbon aluminum in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the German car manufacturer.

Mayor Peter Sortland (AP) in Hoyanger

Hoyanger Mayor Peter Sortland, once a prominent opponent of wind power, has called the dilemma a “dilemma of hell”.

Photo: Hallgeir Vågenes / Hallgeir Vågenes (VG)

The government is not on the right track with climate mitigation

We have very ambitious climate targets. In order to achieve this, we must have the business community on board, says the Minister for Climate and Environment Aspen Barth Eddy (AP).

The government is in place today behind its own form To reduce emissions by 55 percent by 2030. The target also includes sectors subject to quotas (oil and gas, industry and aviation within the European Economic Area).

NRK has previous write That the government also controls excessive emissions in the non-quota-bound sector (transport, agriculture, construction and small industrial enterprises).

I’m in a hell of a dilemma, says Høyanger Mayor Petter Sortland (AP), who has previously distinguished himself as an active opponent of wind power.

Now not sure anymore.

If the pressure wasn’t already great enough, Høgre’s manager, Erna Solberg, also raised the flag.

tidle in January posed Twelve specific suggestions To increase energy production until 2030. Including the Høyanger wind power plant.

– Make it clear that the pace should be accelerated, quickly.

On Tuesday, it was the turn of Oil and Energy Minister Terje Asland to come to Hwanger.

He came straight from the LO Oil and Gas conference in Bergen, where he spoke on “Norway as an important energy supplier to Europe”.

Earlier this year he sent one Suggestion regarding the amendment of the Energy Law. The aim is to facilitate further wind energy development – “to enhance the energy balance and achieve national climate goals”.

– Now we transfer power to the municipalities. This will provide more predictable frameworks and help reduce the level of conflict in wind energy cases, he says.

People meeting in Høyanger

Hydro and Eviny lure the residents of Høyanger with billions of dollars in investments and future hopes in exchange for a wind farm.

Photo: Arne Stubhaug/NRK

Molbu meter must be dropped which is shelf electrification

“Sluddar,” opposed Einar Risjdal, who is a representative of the municipal council of Rote and deputy director of the Motvind Sunnfjord.

On Tuesday, the energy minister met with a yellow vest and banner outside the town hall in Høyanger.

It’s about showing what we mean. We stand up for nature and our mountains every time we get the chance, he tells NRK.

The government says more energy is a prerequisite for achieving climate goals. What part of this reasoning did you not agree with?

it with more power. Instead of producing more energy, we should see where we can save. There are good measures for individual use and in addition we can drop the Molpo meter which is the electrification of the shelf.

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