Coca-Cola Byte – Launches New Flavors

Coca-Cola Byte - Launches New Flavors

“We wanted to create an innovative taste of pixel fun, rooted in the experiences made possible through gaming,” says Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Global Strategy for Coca-Cola.

But apart from the fact that she will taste the new “pixels” of cola, the taste is not described in more detail.

It was launched in Fortnite

Coca-Cola’s launch stunt doesn’t happen on traditional posters – instead, the new flavor launches in the “Meta verse”, or more accurately in Fortnite, where Coca-Cola created Pixel Point Island – where you can try out several games thumbnail related to the new product.

The launch takes place on a separate island in Fortnite. Photo: The Coca-Cola Company
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In physical stores, it will be possible to get Coca-Cola Byte from May 2 in the USA and from May 3 in China. The product has already been launched on a very limited scale in some Latin American countries.

It remains to be seen whether it will appear on our side of the globe, but at least we have not seen the previous taste of Coca-Cola creations – Starlight – in Norwegian stores.

Wash with cola: You can use cola for more than just drinking. Video: Embla Hjört Larsen.
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– Is this Red Bull?

– This can stay in the meta, is the conclusion the edgeJournalist Mitchell Clark who experimented with innovation with his wife.

It didn’t end well. The last quarter of the contents was emptied into the sink, and neither Clark nor his wife were thrilled.

“Sick sweet,” Clark writes in his review, collects cough syrup.

– That’s why it smells like medicine. His wife concluded that he mixed Red Bull with Coca-Cola.

CNets Journalist Katie Teague is not very strict. I have tested that Bite Cola has a lot of carbonation, but it basically tastes like Cola Zero.

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