Comedy News | Difficult for Leo Agkic: – I don’t think he understands the program

Comedy News |  Difficult for Leo Agkic: – I don’t think he understands the program

(The newspaper online): On Thursday, the seventh episode of this year’s “The King Commands” season premiered on TV Norge and Discovery +. In doing so, the participants have so far been able to showcase their abilities, and the five comedians have made up their minds about each other’s efforts and creative solutions.

In the last place is comedian Lars Byrom (36 years old), who explained in his speech that there is only one participant who cannot afford to lose to him, and that is presenter Leo Agkic (39).

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Ajkic, in his familiar style, so far in “The King Commands”, has done a surprisingly good job, despite his indifferent and easy-going attitude, which can be seen as easygoing to many.

Shows little effort

When Nettavisen met Berrum and the rest of the participants in connection with the program’s press conference in January, the former could tell that the participants agreed they were surprised by Ajkic’s performance.

For while others work hard and strike a long time on tasks, there is little to suggest that Lieutenant-Colonel Bergen makes any special effort to carry out the tasks assigned to them by Lieutenant-Colonel Bård Ylvisåker (40).

– We all agreed that this is Leo Agkic. He doesn’t care about making an effort. He does the bare minimum and owns it. Byrom said he only slips through life and is only stopped by “the king’s orders”.

The 36-year-old told Nettavisen that it appears that Ajkic is in fact on another mission in Drammen, only appearing where he “orders the king” to solve some missions at the same time.

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– I don’t think he understands the program, although he does it very well. He’s not an “underdog,” Byrom told Nettavisen, he just isn’t.

With a glint in his eyes, Agkic told Nettavisen that he is a “street boy” and has other skills such as “street knowledge” to enter the competition. He claims that this is why he has overtaken the other participants in the hit list.

Shows a new side of himself

Byrom also did not hide that he would not come to terms with the loss, if it was Ajekic who escaped with a victory this year’s season.

– I think it hurt a bit, if he escaped with a win in that programme, said the 36-year-old from Bærums Verk.

Comedian and UN advisor Hani Hussain, 28, told Nettavisen she was also amazed that Ajekic has been leading the program so far.

Hussain said: – We’re all sitting there with a slightly elevated heart rate feeling nervous about how we’re going to complete the task, and it also cuts to Leo who’s sitting there with a resting heart rate and takes three seconds and turns it around. Added:

— but we all had some highs and lows, and Leo had some lows, too. I laughed a lot at him.

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Byrom agrees with Hussain, and claims that Čajkic often comes off as a hardcore rapper and shows a side of himself that he doesn’t think the Norwegian people have witnessed.

– I don’t think the Norwegian people have ever seen an embarrassed and red-faced Leo Agkic. Byrom said, laughing:

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– So if he wins with his shoddy effort, it’s still worth seeing Leo Agkic embarrassed by himself.

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