Culture, Celebrity | The star couple reveals their cohabitation

Culture, Celebrity |  The star couple reveals their cohabitation

HEFTYE VILLA / Oslo (The newspaper online): Summer is in full swing, and on Tuesday evening the red carpet is rolled out at Villa Heftye when fashion magazine Elle invites you to a big summer party.

Many well-known names in the fashion industry and in the celebrity arena are expected to appear, and they’ve all dressed themselves up from head to toe for the party. Another influence is Marna Hougen (42), on Monday Could reveal that she has a new boyfriend.

On the red carpet, she can say she’s enjoying her new life.

— It’s about time I said something about it, because I’m getting a little sick of the proposal messages in my inbox, Haugen tells Nettavisen and laughs.

Furthermore, the influencer will not reveal anything about the winner or how they met.

– I have no comment on that, this will be a private matter, she says and adds:

– But I’m having a great time.

turned in the door

While Haugen plans to stay at the party all evening, Maria Mena’s stay has been of the more varied variety.

– I’ll turn around very soon. I am very introverted today. I have some days like that. So just wait and see, I’ll get on the treadmill, turn around and go home,” she tells Netavien.

Soon after, she actually turned around and left the party, according to a Nettavisen reporter at the scene.

Actress Emma Steinbacken and actor Axel Boeum, who recently confirmed that they have become lovers, have arrived on the red carpet together for the first time. They willingly posed for the paparazzi, and Steinbakken also managed to reveal some details about the relationship.

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– It’s going very well. We try to be a little private and not talk about it too much. But now we’re appearing together, so I get it we have to talk about it,” she says, laughing.

– To make it short, we met at an industry event. He was very nice. It’s a very good idea to meet someone who works in the same field as you, Steinbakken adds, before you can also confirm that they’re roommates.

Superstar in Oslo

Swedish star Bianca Ingrosso is also present at the Elle party.

Obviously, Ingrosso’s presence is remarkable to many, and the influencer takes her time to pose in front of paparazzi and with fans before hitting the press wall.

– It’s great to be here, Ingrosso tells Netavisen.

In recent years, she’s spent a lot of time in the Norwegian capital, and says she thrives on Oslo. However, there is one thing Stockholm is better at, according to Ingrosso.

– I’ve been here once before, but it’s not as good as in Stockholm. There are not many people. She says the people here are incredibly nice.

Her makeup brand, Caia, is one of the evening’s sponsors, and thus Ingrosso can be seen on the press wall. However, she didn’t know this until a NetVision reporter reported it to her. Watch the funny clip below:

– I don’t know what to expect

Lea Isadora Behn is really looking forward to the evening, and this year at her first ever Elle party.

– I really don’t know what to expect, I don’t know what’s going on there. But he looks really cute, Behn says, so we’re set.

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Behn’s extra dad, Durek Verrett, is also on the red carpet.

– I’m here to have fun with my fiancé, family and friends, he told Nettavisen on the red carpet.

He greatly appreciates being able to go to such events with family and friends.

It’s great to be here with Leah. She looks amazing, as always. Verrett says Märtha is coming soon, we are so good at parties.

And Verrett was right that his fiancée, Martha Louise, would arrive soon after. Just before eight o’clock in the evening, the princess arrived at the celebrity party with her manager, Karina Scheele Carlsen.

– I should have come on a journey too, you know, she told Princess Nettavisen, adding that she was looking forward to spending the evening with several members of the family.

– We always have a good time together, and we will definitely have fun tonight.

Vendela Kirsebom arrived at Elle’s party in her wedding dress from last year. Learn more about this in the video below:

Always have some exciting relationships

Joakim Kleven is eagerly looking forward to tonight’s Elle party, where he’ll be with a friend on the red carpet.

– This is Norway’s big IT party, if I may say so. There are always some sexy hookups and such, so I’m really looking forward to it,” he told Nettavisen on the red carpet.

Silje Norendal and Aleksander Bonsaksen also have great expectations for the evening:

– There will be a summer party and a good atmosphere, says Norendal, before the sweetheart confirms that they are good at parties:

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– We’re in a good mood and good at enjoying ourselves, Bonsaksen says, before hammering Norendal in:

— and later in the evening, he has very good thighs.

Mart Bratberg and Janka Polyani arrived on the red carpet together.

We talk and dance with a lot of people. Very comprehensive. We’re not sitting in a corner alone, so to speak, about how we celebrate Mondays, Bratberg says.

Ornulf Heuer and his wife were also in good spirits before tonight’s summer party:

– There’s an insane amount of good people here. I work in the clothing business, so seeing all the beautiful things going on here makes me happy,” he tells Netavien.

The shoe problem for the celebrity twins

Vita and Wanda Machady had a busy day before the evening’s festivities. They were eagerly awaiting to purchase a pair of shoes from Italy.

– Imagine they came an hour before we were supposed to be here. He is very ill. It was a nightmare like no other, Wanda laughs.

– We have enough shoes, but nothing is the same. So there was an atmosphere of stagnation before this. But I believe we have good karma, and it turns out we do, Vita adds.

Moreover, twins can explain why they always wear the same.

– It is plain and simple that we think that if we walk exactly the same way, and someone wears the same thing, it is they who look stupid, not us, says Vita.

See more celebrities on the red carpet below:

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