Ingeborg Arvola won the Brage Award for Best Novel of the Year, check out all of the Brage Award winners here. – VG

Ingeborg Arvola won the Brage Award for Best Novel of the Year, check out all of the Brage Award winners here.  – VG
WINNER: The Brage Jury believes Ingeborg Arvola has written the best novel of the year.

Ingeborg Arvola, 48, made her debut as a writer in 1999, but this fall she achieved only the latest achievement: Thursday evening she won the Brage Prize for the novel “Kniven i ilden”.


Ingeborg Arvola started harvesting books with a bang in August: The VG reviewer rolled the 6 dice for “knife in fire” – It is the first book in the Roygan Ranala series – Songs from the Arctic Ocean.

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Since then, it has been at the top of Norway’s bestseller list – and this fall it was shortlisted for both the Booksellers Prize and the Brage Book Prize, which is based, among others, on the greatest authors. The story of my great-grandmother.

Ingeborg Arvola debuted in 1999 with the novel “Korellhuset” and has written a long line of books for adults and children, including the critically acclaimed series of children’s books on Buffy By – which was also nominated for a Brage Award in 2019.

But it didn’t make much of a breakthrough. Not yet.

Twenty-three years after her debut, Arvola was so moved that Thursday night she was announced as the winner of the Brage Prize for Fiction during a ceremony at Dansens Hus.

The Brage jury wrote this about “Knife in Fire”:

“The reader is quickly fascinated by Britta Kizza and her multifaceted personality. (…) Arvola also sheds light on Kven and Sami culture and gives us a unique picture of a history that should have a greater place in our collective memory.”

The jury also notes that Arvola writes “brilliantly” about nature and love.

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“Both nature and the love affair are described with a force that draws the reader into the story, the people, and the landscape.”

Ingeborg Arvola won the Brage Prize for Best Fiction, here are the other Brage Prize winners:


Trygve Riiser Gundersen: “The Haugians” (Cappelen Damm)

The jury says: “While the brick-by-brick format, notation, bibliography, timeline, and personal record rightly suggest a strong specialist book, the author’s language communication skills make The Huguenot’s Story read like a political suspense novel. Revolutionary era and rebellious forces and society are brought to life as a brilliant epic on cinema screen.

The Open Class: Nonfiction for Children and Young People:

Ida Larmo: “Riegel. Echo of Injustice” (Strand)

The jury says: “An Echo of Injustice is a powerful book that conveys the many sufferings of war; abuse of power, hunger, exhaustion, and death, but also promotes friendship, warmth, and humanity. The composition is airtight and effective. (…)”””Larmo’s line and visual precision, variations in the color palette and reproductions of historical documents enhance authenticity and give Subject nerve connection and proximity.

Books for children and young people:

Julia Kars: “The Pratbak Family” Follow Favorite

(children ages 9 and up)

jury writes: “This is the story of the Bratbak family: yes, unpredictable – yet disgusting. Strange. Trembling. Scary. And full of the wildest twists and turns. When Sam Bratbak was thrown into the river by his classmates, his mother had had enough and they moved on. But there Something about the move…something weird…

Check out VG’s review of the book in this one: Soleklart dice roll 6!

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Honorary Award for this year:

Gro Dahle has been awarded the Brage Honorary Prize, an award given to a person who has contributed to the further spread or understanding of literature, or to the quality of Norwegian written culture. Dahley has written everything from poetry to drama, nonfiction, science fiction, and books for both adults and children.


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