Complete confusion after medical condition – Jarl Magnus Reaper feared activists – NRK Sport – Sports news, results, broadcast schedule

Complete confusion after medical condition – Jarl Magnus Reaper feared activists – NRK Sport – Sports news, results, broadcast schedule

Jarl Magnus Reaper went out first in cross-country skiing on Sunday, but after just a minute there was a complete muddle.

Suddenly there was a man standing and waving his hands on the road in front of the Reaper.

– Oh, what’s going on here? There’s a guy standing in a yellow vest and waving, Jan Post commented to NRK.

Torgeir reassured Bjorn – at least they were on the right track.

The mixed star looked flustered as he came hurtling down the hill, but managed to pass the unknown man.

Triumph: Jarl Magnus Reaper was unstoppable in Cullen.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby/NTB

Reaper fear activists

I also became unsure of what had happened. He was on his way to hit me. I didn’t quite understand what it was. You get a little adrenaline from it. I had to take some time to calm down, you’re a little curious about what’s going on,” says Reaper.

What did you think it was?

I was just a little confused. I’d been hearing some rumors about activists and all sorts of weird stuff before the weekend, which is likely to turn up. I was a little excited about what happened.

The man on the way was a Red Cross employee. He had been told someone needed help, and so he tried to reach out to the public.

– There was a member of the public on the other side of the track who needed medical attention. The Red Cross is then informed, but is stopped before the “Reaper” arrives. But it looked a little dramatic, explains the race director of Per Trond Enger joint venture.

It wasn’t better

The Reaper was unstoppable on his way to victory. The competitors were never so close and did not notice that the Norwegian put a distance shot across the finish line.

– He’s in a league of his own, Bjorn said of the four-time world champion.

When NRK met Riiber after the race, he was all smiles.

It was a wonderful day again. When I jump well and get my starting point all I have to do is get out there and have fun.

Have you ever been better?

Not in a competitive environment. The two days here and part time in Planica were great. I’ve learned a lot from being in the Flow Zone, he said before going upstairs to meet Crown Prince Haakon.

Reaper and Hakone

Royal Encounter: Reaper strikes up a conversation with Crown Prince Haakon.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby/NTB

Germany’s Vinzenz Geiger came second behind Rieber, ahead of compatriot Julian Schmid. Both are more than 1.5 minutes behind the Norwegian.

Jürgen Grabäck was the second best Norwegian to finish fifth in the race.

Ripper recently won four out of a possible four gold medals during the World Ski Championships in Planica. The 25-year-old is in great shape, but has no chance of defending the overall title at the World Cup. Ripper suffered from illness earlier in the season, and was unable to bring in Johannes Lamparter in the coveted Crystal Ball battle.

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