The race is on – E24

The race is on – E24
Future Work Life: Olivia How, a University of Vancouver, British Columbia student, discusses the instructions given to ChatGPT with her professor, Dr. Patrick Pennyfather. Yrja Oftedahl of E24 believes that AI skills are important for the working life of the future.

Those who master new artificial intelligence services will master practical life in the future.

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That’s a comment

The comment expresses the writer’s position.

Like a whirlwind sweep chat in the global market.

Where it took Facebook ten months, Netflix 3.5 years, and Instagram two months to reach one million users, ChatGPT only took five days.

Since its launch last November, the chat service has surpassed 100 million monthly active users, making history the fastest growing app of all time, according to Reuters.

announced last week OpenAI they open for ChatGPT to be integrated with third parties. This means that you will also soon be able to use the functionality in other apps and services, such as Snapchat and Shopify.

The surprise has worn off, and although criticisms continue to surround AI and chat services, I think it’s time to get serious. There are amazing opportunities out there – and AI services are here to stay.

We need to shift the focus from how services are deceived to how they are actually used.

And no, it’s not that the management team in the workplace are the only ones who have to deal with this – it’s you and me, yeah. we.

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Many professions are uncertain in the future, but those who master AI services are the ones who will keep their jobs in the long term. There is no doubt that the winners will be those who succeed in implementing technology in their daily working lives as quickly as possible.

So – how then can ChatGPT and other similar generative AI services be used?

You can see her as a digital translator, your assistant or dream employee with whom you can exchange ideas, or she can fix a lot of time-consuming and often tedious work.

In other words – these tools are a dream come true for anyone who loves efficiency.

And think, we’re only getting started — models are getting better every day.

“Fast Engineering”

Currently, there are a number of AI services that can actually help you with everything you need. They can be used in all professions and industries.

Do you want to start a business? In just a few minutes, you can now get help with market research, budget, logo and website – or have social media content tailored to your brand for the next three months.

On ChatGPT, you can even ask what Steve Jobs or Elon Musk would think about the product you want to launch.

All you have to do is know what you want and how to use the service to get it.

«Rapid engineering “, or «Efficient Instruction Design “If we are to attempt to translate into Norwegian, it is a noteworthy term and skill that must be learned in a (potential) transitional phase, until machines can fix most or everything themselves, without any form of human interaction.

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Quite simply, agile engineering is all about what the generative AI services should be fed into, in order to get the best results. Simply the art of speaking to service.

The better you are at asking clarifying, in-depth, and concrete questions, the more valuable answers you will get.

So: the quality of what you put in = the result you get.

From an employee to a manager

The key to getting good answers from ChatGPT is to let her know what mindset you are going to meet with.

You can do this by starting the instructions with «I want you to work as…” and adds the required profession, eg accountant or journalist, depending on whether you need help with an account or writing an article.

Next, be as specific as possible.

All ingredients and instructions must be included in order for the cake to be just how you like it.

You should then follow up with related questions and perhaps most importantly; I listen.

Imagine that you have gone from being an employee to being a manager. In other words, you must become good at giving instructions and delegating tasks.

No, it’s not complicated. Just don’t give up, keep going until you crack the code.

Spend a few hours playing with your tasks, and by studying other curious people testing generative AI services on TikTok.

Books if you want a general introduction to artificial intelligence Tim Urban in a blog post in 2015, which is relevant today.

There is no doubt that AI services are here to stay. If you master it, then you will master practical life in the future.

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From now on, only imagination will set limits. And the race, yeah, it has begun.

And just for the record: I wrote this entire comment on my own.

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