Conservatives like to study nuclear power – there are differences of opinion in Sørlandet

Conservatives like to study nuclear power - there are differences of opinion in Sørlandet

Despite the opposition of Erna Solberg and key Conservative profiles; The party decided at a national meeting to pay close attention to nuclear power in Norway. There are differing views on this among Conservative representatives in the South.

Conservatives want to focus on nuclear energy as an energy source in Norway. Harold Farrey disagrees and believes the country should invest in hydropower and wind power.
Photo: Jacob J. Buchard

AGDER / OSLO: – I follow what Erna Solberg said at the national meeting today. In Finland, the decision to invest in nuclear power plants was made in 2000, 22 years after it was launched. We don’t specialize in nuclear power, we need to focus on hydropower and wind power where we specialize, says Harold Farrell.

Farrell was one of the southern politicians who attended a national meeting of the Conservative Party on Saturday. In Norway it was decided to look closely at nuclear power as an energy source.


Why did the Russians attack the nuclear plant? And is it dangerous for Norway? Experts respond.

Come on thunder talk

Despite strong opposition from Erna Solberg and Tina Bru, “the Conservatives want to inquire into the preconditions and requirements for Norway’s nuclear weapons”, which is the name of the party’s majority decision.

According to Affenflatted Solberg delivered a thunderous speech during the debate on nuclear energy.

– I can only ask Møre og Romsdal if they take the waste facility for radioactive waste. As Prime Minister, I have been involved in the effort to create hazardous waste for eight years. None of you like it. Not particularly Greenland, not Morey and Romstel. It’s more dangerous, more radioactive and dangerous than what we have been trying for eight years without success. I want to show a little more, I agree that we can explore this, but this is not something that is wasted. So we spend 25 billion to clean up what we did before. And remember: someone has to pick up the boss. No one likes this boss. Erna Solberg said at the national conference.


Few can explain the progress of the Conservatives


Former Prime Minister Erna Solberg has criticized the party he leads for currently considering moving to nuclear power in Norway.
Photo: Derje Peterson / NDP

– Can’t let go

– For my part, it’s absolutely right to do more research on nuclear power, but the most important thing right now is to upgrade existing hydropower plants and install coastal wind power, Furre told Fædrelandsvennen Saturday night.

County Mayor Arne Thomassen (H) is very open to researching nuclear energy.

– We need a lot of new energy in the future and the Conservatives cannot help us explore the possibilities of nuclear power as a party aimed at the future. We see our region also facing major challenges in getting enough energy in the years to come, nuclear power is not necessary, and Thomassen says he is positive in studies and research.


Arnie Thomassen (H), mayor of the county in Akhtar.
Photo: Jacob J. Buchard

– I do not deserve to think anything about nuclear power. That’s why we need more research before we can make a decision, ”says Thomassen.

– Many asking questions

Politician Sweeney Harberg (H) thinks this decision is encouraging, but does not hide the fact that many difficult questions need to be answered first.

– We need to gain knowledge to know if this is a solution for us. Let’s just study whether nuclear power is needed. With nuclear power, many questions arise as to where the waste should be disposed of. Harberg says we also know how horrible it is to shut down two reactors we already have.


– We need to gain knowledge to know if this is a solution for us, says Sweeney Harberg, a Conservative Sorting politician from Akhtar.
Photo: Jacob J. Buchard

– Does this case divide the Conservatives?

– No section

– No, I feel that this proposal shows interest in looking for new solutions. Some have already concluded, while others want to know more about the case. This is not a division by any means, says Harberg.


Nuclear power plant: constant and predictable energy production

– Need a radioactive waste disposal facility in Sørlandet?

– No, I do not have a big plot for that, says Harberk jokingly, before he proceeds:

– We need to clarify things like this before we know if this is an alternative for us, says the Sporting politician.

– Great demand

Torunn Ostad, group leader at Agder Høre, believes power development in Sørlandet is urgent.

– The study of nuclear energy is fundamentally positive because we face a great need for energy. But accelerating coastal wind farm investment is very urgent. The government’s decision to halve its investment in South North Sea II is bad news for the region. The same goes for dropping the hybrid cable. This is incredibly important to the actor and disappointing to the government. Nuclear power is a long way off, but there is an urgent need to provide new electricity, says Ostad.

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