Considering sending arms to Ukraine – VG

Considering sending arms to Ukraine - VG
Sunday: On the fourth day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a column goes to the capital.

Secretary of State Evind Watt Peterson (Labor) tells the NRK that it is considering sending arms to Ukraine.


On Sunday it became clear The European Union sends arms to Ukraine.

Norway is now considering the same:

– This is definitely worth considering. There were new meetings yesterday afternoon and evening, and we will hold new meetings today. If you want to do this, you have to do it completely and correctly. We will act quickly, but do not rush, he says on the radio program Politisk Kvarter on NRK on Monday morning.

On Sunday, the government decided to send military equipment such as bulletproof vests and helmets.

What more is needed to send than the Norwegian helmet and underwear, the presenter asks.

– This is a complete estimate of what we need to do now in the next hours and days. We need to make sure that we have broad support, especially what we have and that we can contribute quickly.

– But hours go by, don’t they?

– We must act quickly, not rush.

– One of the assessments is that Norway could be dragged further into the conflict?

– In a way, the Putin regime can use almost any argument to show that the West is fighting, but it is very important for the government and us NATO nations to insist that NATO is not involved in this conflict.

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After all the solar signs, Ukraine already has Norwegian weapons because Norway opened on Sunday to send to Ukraine other countries that have Norwegian weapons.

Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Labor) Evind Watt Peterson.

– Increases Ukrainian bargaining power

In an interview with VGTV, Lt. Col. Dormod Heyer, a professor at the Norwegian Defense College, told VGTV that the arms supply of the West enhances Ukrainian negotiating power in meetings with its Russian counterparts.

– This increases the likelihood that the war will drag on for a long time, he says.

Ursula van der Leyen, President of the European Commission Said during a press conference on Sunday EU arms distribution is historically significant:

– For the first time, the European Union will fund the purchase and supply of weapons and other equipment to the country under attack.

The European Union has closed all airspace to Russian aircraft. That means they have no chance of landing, departing or flying in the EU.

– Personal flights of oligarchs, she says.

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