Consult with a teammate before meeting an ‘anonymous’ opponent: – Offer some advice

Consult with a teammate before meeting an ‘anonymous’ opponent: – Offer some advice

Kasper Ruud earned the honor of finishing the first round of the Australian Open when he played his final match on Tuesday against Czech Tomas Machak.

Match, which is actually set approx. 15 local time and 05.00 Norwegian time is now Move on to the final at Margaret Court Tuesday. The match takes place around 10-11 am Norwegian time.

Australian Open Championship

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before one hour

Rod’s team is very happy about that.

– Coach and father Christian Rude said: We are very happy with the new match time Discovery.

Durasovic advice

The date of the match has changed, but the opponent remains the same. Czech Machak, ranked 115th in the world, is a player with whom Ruud has never had the greatest familiarity. But another Norwegian tennis player has it.

Viktor Durasovic met the Czech at the ATP Challenger tournament in October. Roode told Discovery he consulted with Durasović before meeting the “unknown” Czech.

– I spoke a little bit with Victor about him in the FA Cup. He got up on him (Mishak, Al Majajat.) very poorly in the Nations Cup, and there would have been a risk he wouldn’t play a game here, but he obviously recovered quickly.

– I didn’t know until he and Victor gave some advice at the time, but I may have to talk to him again now before I meet him about what I can expect and what his strengths and weaknesses are.

– Fry eggs in the field

While winter is still heating up here in Norway, the situation is a little different for Rudd and the rest of the global elite in Australia. At the same time it’s hovering between plus and minus at home in Oslo, the temperature was reported to be 36 degrees Celsius in Melbourne on Tuesday afternoon.

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But after changing the game time, Ruud now avoids the intense heat

– It gets to a point where it gets really hot – and 36 degrees is really that level, if you ask me, says Rudd.

– Most people don’t know that the stadium gets very hot, because the sun is all day. In extreme cases, you can actually fry eggs on a tennis court. He continues, “I sometimes feel like walking on the pitch almost hurts.

Heat grip drips

The intense heat gave the Norwegian problems in the past. He has Putting the heating chamber at the Olympiatoppen into use To acclimate to the heat before traveling to particularly humid and hot places earlier.

Rod didn’t make that move this time. He himself thinks he’s coping with the heat better than he did a few years ago.

– I didn’t use it much now before I moved here, but I’ve had a good experience with it in the past. It’s a good room, but tired. It’s no fun being there, Rod says with a smile.

put this?

These are the talking points ahead of the Australian Open: – I think there is a lot of excitement

Australian Open Championship

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Australian Open Championship

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