Consumer, chocolate | Big difference in price: the same chocolate can have twice the price in the same store

Consumer, chocolate |  Big difference in price: the same chocolate can have twice the price in the same store

The newspaper online: Chocolate prices are not always easy to understand, and the result of examining chocolate prices was surprising.

– Oh, there was a big difference in price, says Stein, 26, whom Netavisen met at Kiwi in central Oslo.

Little did you know that the same type of chocolate can have very different prices.

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Nettavisen examined the three low-priced chains Kiwi, Rema 1000 and Extra: we looked for varieties that can be found on the good little shelf and either as chocolate bars or in a separate bag.

Big differences

The result shows huge differences in prices.

It costs 39.90 for a large plate of Crespo. It may not seem very daunting, but the price per kilo will be 257.42. In the small goods shelf you will find exactly the same chocolate for 149 NOK per kilo.

A bag full of Smørbukk costs 45.90. Well, you might think it’s less than fifty. But the price per kilo is 306 Norwegian kroner. At the goodies shelf, you’ll find the same caramel chocolate for less than half the price.

The most expensive in the check is a hobby.

A piece of chocolate costs 18.80. It’s not a huge amount, but you don’t get a lot of chocolate in the package either. 48 grams only.

If you picked the exact same chocolate from the little goodies rack, you could pick 2.5 times as much, and the price would still be lower.

– Very strange!

– Very strange! There was a very big difference in price, says Ella Heder (19), who is visiting Kiwi with Lea Elise Svensen (20).

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-Maybe they can charge more when it’s packaged. So, it’s easier to know which brand you belong to than to know the little goodies, Svendsen wonders.

The snack is in the vast majority of cases cheaper, and in some cases much cheaper than a bag or bar.

Exactly the same item

At Extra, it is clear that Hobby chocolate is the Nidar variety. The logo clearly shows what it is.

In Rima it is more difficult to see. There is no logo on the small items rack, but it says “Nidar Hobby” on the box.

At Kiwi, you can’t tell it’s Nidar’s Hobby chocolate in the box. On the label it says only “Hobby Chocolate Bit”. Underneath it says “Consumer Contact Unil”. Unil is the brand company of Norgesgruppen, which, among other things, is behind First Price.

In response to a question from Nettavisen, Kiwi confirms that Hobby i smågodthylla is made by Nidar. The same goes for Bamsemums, which can be found both on the good little shelf and in bags.

– Pamsimoms from Nidar (Orkla), but Uniel is responsible for the concept of a good small bulk weight. There are many brand suppliers that supply Unil’s snacks, says communications consultant Nora Mael Helgesen to Nettavisen.

– It is difficult to act intelligently

“I usually buy small things, but it’s definitely good to be aware of that difference in price,” says Stein (26).

-These are expensive times and everything is more expensive, so it’s good to know when there are such big differences

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She thinks prices in stores can be confusing.

– It is stupid that it is difficult to find out the prices in the store. “I feel like it can be difficult to know how to act smart,” Stein says.

She thinks it should be easier to compare prices.

-I don’t quite understand why there is such a big difference in prices, can it be that the little things are cheaper because they are on top?

An exception to the rule

Smågodt is the cheapest of all Nettavisen types examined. With one exception. sigmin. Here, the price per kilo is ten kroner higher for a good small variety of Sigman milk from Nidar.

– Seigmenn is a product that suffers from severe price pressure on the market, which is why its price is lower per kilo than small ones, says Helgesen at Kiwi, who mentions that they also have another type of seigmenn at a lower price.

– Why are most items more expensive in a tape/bag than in a small merchandise rack?

– Bulk weight is generally cheaper than weight in a package/bag. It is cheaper to sell it as bulk, as you avoid a number of costs related to packaging.

There is no quantity discount

In stores, you usually get a quantity discount when you buy larger packages. Why doesn’t this apply to chocolate?

Extra Communications Manager answers as follows:

– It is quite true that it is usually beneficial to purchase larger packages. In this case, it is a mistake to compare packaged chocolate with fixed-price snacks, says Harald Christiansen, communications director at Extra.

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The price of the snack is an average price, as some snack items get a lower price compared to if they were packed in a bag. You can probably also find examples of the opposite, he says.

I think the purchase price is what decides

The Rema 1000 spreads are as follows:

-The reason for the price difference is the lower price of purchasing small goods in bulk. The product contains, among other things, the packaging and the quantity we buy, says purchasing manager Arild Blindheim.

-We are happy to be able to offer cheaper snacks for those times when our customers want to enjoy more. “We also hope, of course, that they will also take some fruit and vegetables with them in the cart,” he says.

This is the size of the spread:


name Bar/bag Snacks The price difference
hobby 391.67 149.00 242.67
Original Surbock 306.00 149.00 157.00
Teddy bears 188.18 149.00 39,18
Troika 186.36 149.00 37,36


name Bar/bag Snacks The price difference
Milk buttons/milk stains 206.21 149.00 57.21
Bamsomom 188.18 149.00 39,18
Rice bread 172.07 149.00 23.07
Sigmen Laban/Gel figures 138.08 149.00 -10.92

Rima 1000

name Bar/bag Snacks The price difference
hobby 391.67 149.00 242.67
Buttercup herb 306.00 149.00 157.00
Crespo 257.42 149.00 108.42
Banana/chocolate banana 219.5 149.00 70.50

Alice (29) sent the girl with the Botox out the door: “I think this is very sad.”

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