Rima, Rima1000 | New Rema 1000 Coupon: – Incredibly rude

Rima, Rima1000 |  New Rema 1000 Coupon: – Incredibly rude

Preben Nishim closed his eyes as he intended to buy tomatoes at the Rema 1000 store in Pindsle in the Sandefjord earlier this week.

-I bought the same tomatoes last week. That's why I was immediately shocked when I saw that they were now being offered at a higher price, he told Netavicin.

Tomatoes come in many varieties and prices, but Nishim was looking for them “I love tomatoes” In cups of 175 grams.

Rima Company announced these tomatoes in its customers’ newsletter 14.90 Norwegian krone. With the “Æ App” you get – with a 30 percent discount – the price 10.43 Norwegian krone.

Double the width is expensive

It was this price example that Nashim had in mind.

But in the store he met him.”19.90 only» And the initial price 23.90. Then he felt really cheated.

An employee asked if these were the same tomatoes as last week, and this was confirmed.

– I've read articles about ads in Rema 1000 and Coop breaking the law. It made me more aware, he told Netavicin.

– Incredibly rude

Priben Nishim says he is amazed:

– I think it's strange. Tomato boxes are the first thing you encounter when you enter the store. The fact that they raise the price and then offer it as an offer is incredibly rude.

– To me, this seems like pure fraud and an attempt to deceive our customers.

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Regardless of the reason, Nashim believes it is important that large chains are kept tight:

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– It could be a mistake, otherwise they are doing it intentionally. I feel like the response the chains have had before is just “gossip” and does not indicate that they are taking this seriously.

He goes on to say that this is seen as dishonest and helps reinforce “the feeling that there is a lot of fraud in Norwegian grocery stores.”

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Rima: – Miss

Rema 1000 quickly reveals it when we get in touch.

– Rema 1000 must always follow the current rules, so we have entered into dialogue with the Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority to ensure that we comply with the new rules that have been established It was introduced in Octobersays Sales and Marketing Director Pia Melby.

She admits that this was a failure:

– The previous price on the banner is real, but it is not the lowest price over the past four weeks. Here, unfortunately, an error occurred in one of our stores, as they made a label that did not comply with the new regulations.

The new rules mean that the pre-sale price means the lowest price that the trader has applied Last 30 days before sale starts.

Milby says they will “take further measures to ensure that such mistakes do not happen again.”

– After Nettavisen made the call, we once again explained internally the importance of all our stores operating in line with the new law.

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He will cheat for life

Tomato customer Preben Nishim believes there is a strong need to regulate the grocery industry more in terms of prices and offerings.

– Grocery chains should be required to have a price register for each item available to all customers, in contrast to the services provided by “Prisjakt”. Each customer can then easily check whether the offer they see is a scam or not.

Although the trader failed in this example, he believes that the responsibility lies with Rima 1000:

– They take responsibility for communicating honestly and openly with their clients.

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