VY, Bergen Railway | Construction of long-distance trains on the Bergen Railway

VY, Bergen Railway |  Construction of long-distance trains on the Bergen Railway

– This is an overnight long-distance train until Monday, each way, the morning train and the morning train from Oslo and Bergen are cancelled. As for the long-distance train departures on Monday afternoon, we will consider them,” Siv Ecker Westin, press officer at Wye, told Netavision on Sunday.

So not all train traffic in Bergensbanen was canceled in the first instance.

– We have some trains running locally between Bergen and Voss, Flamsbanen and Bergen and Arna. Westin insists that the trains we have chosen to cancel now are long-distance trains.

– Due to the current weather conditions, we believe it is more prudent to cancel these departures than to operate them, he tells Netavisen.

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– The wind, the amount of snow and the hazard warning made us make this choice, Westin adds.

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued a yellow warning for snow and avalanches on mountain passes towards western Norway due to snow and strong winds.

– What about other train departures?

– We plan to run trains as best as possible. So far so good. There may be some changes in the rush hour trains, the extra trains we will run during rush hours, but other than that, we plan to operate. But it's evolving all the time, and we're following the alerts all night. Westin tells Netavision that the best tip for travelers is to follow the Vy app or online to get updates on your departure.

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