Souda: Howard Handeland (19) became mayor.

Souda: Howard Handeland (19) became mayor.

Håvard Handeland (19) takes over the mayoral chain in Souda. Andhra Pradesh politician, youngest Mayor in history.

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Souda, located in Rogaland, has traditionally been an Ap stronghold, but in the past four years the Center Party has won a clear majority and both the mayor and deputy mayor.

Now incumbent mayor Asbjørn Birkeland (Sp) is losing power to 19-year-old Håvard Handeland. This became clear after intense negotiations on Tuesday.

– The learning curve approaches 90 degrees. There will be a lot to get used to before the Constitution Municipal Council meeting, says Handland VG.

– I sit here in Souda in Ap with the old ringed foxes.

– The cord cutting course will come later…

In Monday’s election, the Center Party, Labor Party and Conservative Party won the same number of representatives on the municipal council.

– We cooperated with franchise. The most important thing for us is politics, and we feel we will go far with the Conservative Party.

– a coalition with the Conservatives – how do people in the Labor stronghold of Souda take it?

– It will be exciting to see the reactions, but I think people will see that we take politics very seriously, says Handland.

He is Norway’s youngest mayor. Jonas Anderson Saeed set the record After he became the mayor of Sogndal at the age of 21 in the last electionNTB writes.

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In an earlier interview with VG, Handeland said he had been in contact with Anderson Saeed in the run-up to the election.

He said that he is getting involved in politics after realizing what it is.

– That was politics. Public transport, school…that’s when I realized I was involved in politics. I joined Ap in 2019 at the age of 14.

– But I never went to App National meeting or Udoya camp. “The biggest thing I went to was the annual meeting of the district party,” he continued.

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