Corona, go crazy | Two people infected with corona in Tangfull: – They are linked

Two cases of covid-19 have been confirmed in Tingvoll in the past three days.

Tingvoll municipality states that the two people are related to each other and that they are infected outside of Tingvoll municipality.

They went straight to quarantine when they received confirmation that someone close to them had COVID-19. Both are fully vaccinated and therefore show very mild symptoms. Both have been placed in home isolation and contacts are being closely followed up as directed, Bjarne Storst, infection control doctor and chief municipal physician in Tingfull, wrote in a news release Thursday afternoon.

Furthermore, it was reported that Tingvoll had a total of four positives for covid-19 virus in October and November.

Most people are very good at following directions. That, and a bit of luck, Storst says, is the reason Tingvoll has so few cases.

Everyone is required to follow vaccination recommendations.

– This is how you can avoid critical illness on your own and not least prevent critical illness, hospitalization and death in the high-risk individuals with whom we relate. The mayor says it’s especially important that health workers and others who work with older adults receive their vaccinations, including the third dose.

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