February 6, 2023


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Bodo/Glimt continues to the conference league after winning - 22 games unbeaten - VG

Bodo/Glimt continues to the conference league after winning – 22 games unbeaten – VG

BODØ (VG) (Bodø / Glimt – CSKA Sofia 2-0) Bulgarian rivals were too small for Bodø / Glimt, who moved to Europe. At the same time, the northerners improved their own record.


Glimt’s coach, Kjetel Knutsen, who rudely stated at the press conference “we must say we are satisfied”, was naturally asked about his future after the convincing win.

– I expected you to come. It goes without saying that it’s tempting to join the flight in 2022. We’ll make that decision when the time comes, says Knutsen.

– It’s too carrot to know that in February and March we will have matches that mean something. He is very important to the club.

Glimt’s coach has been rumored to be for several clubs, Rosenborg confirmed that they are high on their roster and Bran confirmed that they called.

Thursday’s win was Bodo/Glimt’s 22nd straight match unbeaten in all tournaments. It also topped last year’s season. The 20-game unbeaten streak was then halted after Milan was sliced ​​very hard at the San Siro.

– Those are great numbers. I wasn’t aware of it. Knutsen comments that there is solidity in what we do.

– Last year there were many matches that were decided after 50-60 minutes. He adds that it’s a different team now – and points to how tough Glimt is defensively.

Victory over CSKA Sofia means Bodo/Glimt are ready for promotion in the Conference League.

– Can you win the conference league?

– I didn’t think about it. We can infer that we are going ahead and ask that the finger be stuck in the ground, says Knutsen.

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– But at Bodø / Glimt we showed that anything is possible, he says.

It’s great that a team like Bodø/Glimt can do so well at this level. The first half is very good, then the second half is a little low, Patrick Berg says for Viasat 4.

After wasting a very small chance, it was Sunder Bronstad Wit who scored a liberating goal for the North North 1-0 after 25 minutes. Amahl Pellegrino made a perfect job, which Fet easily drove into a corner.

CSKA Sofia soon outlived the match, but Eric Bothem put the nail in the coffin with his 2-0 goal five minutes from time.

Patrick Berg points out that Glimt has the sigmoid factor.

– It’s Solbakken’s raw strength, Berg tells Viasat 4 about his teammate Ola Solbakken’s 2-0 readiness.

Bothem has four goals and four top scorers in the tournament – that’s the most points ever.

– It is important not to think too much. You play soccer because it’s fun. It’s about living in the present, so it tends to be a good thing, says Bothem on why Bodø/Glimt manages to achieve that in equal measure.

Roma are also out of the group after winning comfortably at home against Zorya Luhansk.

Bodo/Glimt’s last match in the group stage is not without its significance. As the winner of the group advances directly to the quarter-finals, the group runners-up must enter the round of 16 – or the “play-off” if you will – against one of the group leaders from the Europa League.

It opened massively for Bodeau/Glimt when Frederic André Björkán had to throw in the towel even before the icy weather started in Bodø. Instead, midfielder Marius Hubbraten took his place at left-back.

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There was more bad news when Hugo Vetlesen had to take a break due to a shoulder injury.

Glimt could have finished the match even before the break, but both Eric Bothem and Amal Pellegrino both abused good chances to put the ball in goal.

Instead, Glimt invited his little Bulgarian opponent to the match. The yellow homeowners were at times unusually sloppy in the passing game, and the red jerseys from Bulgaria created many half-hazards.

Russian goalkeeper Nikita Heikin was furious when CSKA Sofia had several relatively easy chances.

Bodeau/Glimt was not penalized, but Eric Bothem scored instead 2-0 after stopping the visitors’ left-back Olla Solbakken after a fine ball from Patrick Berg.

Thus, Bodø/Glimt plays a playoff in Europe for the first time in the club’s history.