Corona Measurements, Sunnfjord | About seven percent of those who work on patients

Corona Measurements, Sunnfjord |  About seven percent of those who work on patients

In Sunnfjord, approximately 800 health workers work with aged care in institutions. Approximately 60 non-vaccinated employees have not been transferred to work.

The vaccination rate among health workers in aged care in Sunnfjord is about 93 per cent, the same as the vaccination rate of the rest of the population in the municipality. Conservatives have previously spoken in favor of the claim Mandatory vaccination of health workersWe will now take up this issue in Parliament.

Non-vaccinated people are not transferred

Of the less than 800 health workers employed in Sunnfjord municipality, about 60-65 are not immunized. They have different reasons for not getting vaccinated, and I don’t think compulsory vaccination is the way to go. It only leads to more pimples, says Sunnfjord’s chief of infection control and mayor, Austin Fornes.

He explained that today’s unvaccinated health workers should not work with unvaccinated patients. Recently, an employee of the Sande Care Center was infected. None of the patients were injured.

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– We fear that the vaccinated will carry the infection more than the unvaccinated, the situation now is different from what it was a year ago. The vast majority of those who bring infection with them into institutions now are fully immune employees. Of course, we don’t want Covid, and we test that unvaccinated health workers take infection control seriously, Furness says.

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The tenant in the screen ward at Førde Omsorgssenter, Sissel Sunde, told Sissel Sunde that they had not been vaccinated in the workforce, and that they did not have many staff so that those who had not been vaccinated could be kept out of patient contact.

– We need our staff. What we do is focus on fighting infection and new symptoms, and following the municipality’s guidelines. We’re not too worried, says Sunde, it’s been going well so far.

Testar to gongar i veka

Just before Christmas, there was a coronavirus outbreak linked to an establishment in Ikefjord. Five elderly users became infected, two were hospitalized in Forde, and one died as a result of contracting the virus. Across Norway, there are a number of outbreaks of corona in hospitals and care homes, and in some cases our unvaccinated health staff have become infected.

– Unvaccinated health workers check themselves twice a week, they are not the main problem. I am first and foremost happy that the vaccination rate is high as it is, 93 percent of the vaccinations are insanely good. We also fear there will be a flu wave, and we’re vaccinating our older, more vulnerable doctors against this infection as well, says the chief infection control official.

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