Corona, Orji | New special test on the border offer: – But you can still lie in the free test

Corona, Orji |  New special test on the border offer: - But you can still lie in the free test

On Friday afternoon, a separate test offer will be set up for those refused at the Swedish border.

(Smaalenes Avis): Since Sweden tightened entry rules on Tuesday, Norwegians have found a loophole in the system. If you arrive at the Swedish border without a negative covid-19 test result within 48 hours before entry, you will be referred to the testing station in Ørje, on E18 towards Norway. There you will be referred to the home municipality for a test there.

The reason is that it is not the responsibility of Marker municipality to test those who come from the municipalities of Indre Østfold, Skiptvet or Hol, among others, who pass through the Swedish border. This has generated reactions from people who just want a simple test to cross the border.

Thus, the arrivals headed towards Sweden, turned around at the ski resort, got to the test station on E18 towards Ørje and lied. They said they came from Sweden. This is done to avoid driving to the home municipality and taking a test there.

View a new test

On Friday December 31 at 12.00 Elite Sikkerhet Ltd. will create an independent test offer for those rejected at the Swedish border.

– Instead of having to travel all the way to your home municipality for a test, you can take a quick test with us, next to the municipality’s Marker test station on E18, says Elite Security’s general manager, Kent Sørensen, to Smaalenes Avis.

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The answer will be given to the test After about 20 minutes. However, you have to pay an amount to take this test.

– If you drive to your home municipality to take a test, it is free. Sorensen explains that with us, on the other hand, it currently costs 500 kr, but you obviously save a lot of time by taking a test with us.

Elite Security’s offering is not state owned, and therefore they must pay for their testing equipment. This is why their offers cost money.

Why are you making this offer?

– Now the test station along E18 had to turn down so many people that we have to do something about the situation. We set up our station so that no one has to drive the hard way home for the test.

(case continues under photo)

He can still cheat the system

When you arrive at the test stations on E18, you will be stopped by a security guard who will ask you if you are coming from Sweden, or if you have been rejected at the Swedish border. If you say you come from Sweden, you will be sent to the municipality’s test station. You can also say that you have been rejected and therefore are sent to the Elite Security Testing Station, which charges a fee for the test.

Are you still unable to lie and say that you come from Sweden, even though you have already been rejected at the Swedish border?

Yes, one can still lie in a free test. Fortunately, most people are honest, but there are a few tricks that try to cheat the system, says Sorensen.

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The disadvantage of those trying to cheat the system is that you can sit back and wait for test results for up to five hours.

– We have no indication of how many people are trying to cheat the system in this way, but with a five-hour wait for an answer, it is time to sit in the car before traveling to Sweden, Marker Municipal Director Vidar Ostenby told the newspaper. Earlier this week.

(case continues under photo)

Has this offer been requested yet?

– Yes sure. Some were angry at the rejection at the border, while others were angry. Now we hope to remove both frustration and sadness, Sorensen laughs and adds:

It will be interesting to see how much progress we make. I think it will be very good.

The Elite Security offer will be available from 08.00 to 20.00 daily, but with the intention of being open 24 hours a day in the coming days, if necessary.

Affect the use of time

The Municipal Manager of Marker Municipality, Vidar Ostenby, is pleased to present the offer.

Our show has gone well over a long period with little to no complaint, but after the new Swedish restrictions, it has created challenges for us. I understand the frustration of those who have come so far and have to make the return trip, but thankfully it is no longer needed now. I’m very happy. It’s pretty cool, in fact, because we can now spend more time on testing and less time on discussions, says Austinby.

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