Corona, Vestvågøy | Eight new injured in Vestvågøy – 15 in isolation

Corona, Vestvågøy |  Eight new injured in Vestvågøy - 15 in isolation

Hilda Holland on Vestvågøy’s vaccination team says they received eight new cases of coronary heart disease in the municipality on Tuesday.

– With the eight new cases on Tuesday, we now have 15 people in solitary confinement. We don’t know if the new cases could be linked to the party at UL Ørnen at the end of last week. There have also been soccer and handball tournaments across municipal boundaries in Lofoten and Westerollen where the injury has been reported, Holland says.

Most cases are associated with Vest-Lofoten High School, as well as primary schools in Buksnes and Svarholt schools.

– In total, five who are now in isolation are attached to high school. Additionally, six people were linked to two stage children in isolation. This applies to both children and adults, Holland says, adding that the information has been passed on to parents in schools.

The municipality has handed out several rapid tests to the Svarholt school. Holland expects they will get more positive test results on Wednesday.

– They have received instructions from us, and will call us tomorrow if the tests are positive. We see a clear pattern in that people who are not immunized become more easily infected. Holland believes there are also some vaccinated people who are infected, but there will be more cases if high school students are not vaccinated.

She says there is no reason to take domestic action yet.

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– It takes a lot. There is also no reason for mass testing. We consider the outbreak to be controllable. At least in high school. We encourage everyone to fully vaccinate before the season begins, Holland says.

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