Crimea, hidden camera | Doctors photographed the women under their skirts in the break room

Crimea, hidden camera |  Doctors photographed the women under their skirts in the break room

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The 66-year-old former doctor was sentenced to 30 days in prison for filming staff scantily clad on a number of occasions. His defender, Tom Barth Hofstad, told Netavicin that he would appeal the ruling.

– We believe that the court wrongly attributed to him a motive that is not in line with reality, and what is more problematic is that it attributed a sexual motive to the photos that were taken, which we believe is not in line with the law and practice, he says. Barth Hofstad, but adds that even if the convicted person does not believe that what he did is affected by the legislation, he nevertheless committed something wrong.

– However, the client wants to confirm that what he did was wrong against the injured person – without being affected by the law, says the lawyer.

It was secretly filmed

Filming took place from July 2021 to April 2023. At this time, the man was a doctor with a leadership position at a medical center on the western edge of Oslo.

This medical center lacked a separate changing room for staff. Therefore, many employees used the break room to change from work clothes to civilian clothes. He has now been sentenced for filming two employees as they changed their clothes in that break room.

On several occasions, the doctor went to the break room shortly before the end of the work day. There he set up his mobile phone so that the camera lens was directed to where the key was made. He recorded the video, tried to hide the phone, then left the room.

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While the cell phone was recording, the women entered the break room and removed their work clothes to only their underwear. Then they put on regular civilian clothes. When the women changed their clothes, he came back and took the mobile phone.

The filming ended suddenly when one of the women filmed discovered it. When I told the general manager about the imaging, the doctor stopped filming for the day. In the Oslo District Court, he also admitted the facts.

Hidden Photography: The naked guests are supposed to be photographed through the soap bottle

– I was in love

The man explained in court that in the period leading up to the recordings, he had begun to fall in love with the only woman who was filmed, and that the purpose of the hidden recordings was only to film her in clothing slightly smaller than he usually saw her. in.

The court does not ignore the fact that he was in love, and that his motive for making the recordings was partly to see her more, as he himself claimed, the Oslo District Court wrote in the ruling.

The Oslo District Court believes he has now committed a violation Article 298 of the Criminal Code, which deals with sexually abusive and other inappropriate behavior. The man believes that even if he made a mistake, he would not have broken this oath.

The ruling also stated that the two attacked women suffered from psychological problems after the photography was revealed. One woman said she now always looks for hidden cameras in fitting rooms and other places where it is normal to take off clothes. The other woman said she was on sick leave after the incident and was currently having affairs with other male doctors at the doctor’s office.

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The man has now been sentenced for violating Article 298 of the Penal Code, which carries a penalty of up to one year. The Oslo District Court points out that many of the filming operations were carried out with a fixed intention over time. To make matters worse, the man held a leadership position at the medical center where he was photographing employees. The court therefore believes that 30 days of unconditional imprisonment is appropriate.

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