June 9, 2023


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Cross-country skiing, Therese Juhaug |  Note the difference in Juhaug after Carlson's defeat:

Cross-country skiing, Therese Juhaug | Note the difference in Juhaug after Carlson’s defeat:

I think Thérèse Juhaug got the thought catalyst after losing to Frida Carlson.

Lillehammer (Netfizen): There were many who opened their eyes when Frida Karlsson beat Therese Juhaug in the 10km distance during the World Cup opening in Ruka, Finland last week.

Among them was Expressen commentator Thomas Peterson.

The Swede who has followed the cross-country circus for a number of years is glad that there are finally some who seem to really be able to challenge the Norwegian image across the country.

– I think it was the funniest thing that happened to women’s cross-country skiing in many years. There has been no change of throne in Rocca, but what we’ve seen is that it’s going to be a different season, Peterson tells Netavizen.

Johaug must take care of himself in a completely different way this winter. I don’t think she was ready for it to look like it happened there – at least it does in her reaction afterward, explains the Expressen commentator.

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– Find explanations

Peterson says he has noticed Gohog’s apparent need to explain why she was beaten up by Carlson last weekend.

I think Therese will be great this year. She will probably win more races than Frieda Carlson, but this is the first time, I remember, that Therese is somehow looking for an explanation for what happened, Peterson says.

On Thursday, Johaug met journalists for the first time after the opening of the World Cup in Roca.

At the press conference at the hotel in Lillehammer, Juhuge explained that she was beaten by Carlson out of her spurs.

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– It excites me, I must honestly admit it, says Gohoge.

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– I didn’t hear her say that

At the same time, the suburban star explains that she still feels she has a lot to go on.

– It was my first time on skates to skate today. I’ve actually only done two ski runs and the two tough sessions I’ve had on skis. So I know deep down that I can raise myself a few degrees during the winter.

– There was a shortage of snow. Before, I’ve been in Sjusjøen before Beitostølen and after Beitostølen, before Kuusamo and those days here. But with our little snow, we just wandered around the slopes at Beitostølen, after which I had no amount of ski training, which I missed a bit. I had something in Val Senalis for a little week, but I feel like I’m missing it a little bit. Gohog explains that as much as I have little to gain.

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But that explanation got the Expressen commentator Peterson thinking.

He is believed to have noticed a difference in Johaug from previous seasons.

– I felt when she said, “I’ve never heard her say that before.” She had to explain the loss. I think it was also a sign that she had a thought-provoking idea, says Peterson.

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– It’s insanely good!

If Gohog is right, the winter could be harsh for its rivals.

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Already at the beginning of the chase in Roca, Gohoge brutally fought and defeated Carlson. If it turns out she had other equipment inside, he is asked if there were many who were able to discipline her.

We’ll see when the Olympics start. But I support the choices I made one hundred percent, that I’ve been on top and haven’t had the high intensity sessions this fall. On Sunday in Kuusamo I really did feel a little scattered and I felt really good after Kuusamo too. I think I need to go cross-country skiing, I need speed in my body, says Johog.

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That Johaug so far this season has a tougher competition than she’s used to in recent years, pleases many.

Peterson has no doubts that it benefits sports.

– It’s very good. You are standing here very excited about what will happen in the next women’s distance race. When did that happen last?

The next women’s distance race is already in Lillehammer on Saturday where a 10km race will be arranged.

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