Cross-country star Frida Karlsson after Corona disease: – Crisis

Cross-country star Frida Karlsson after Corona disease: – Crisis

Swedish cross-country star Frida Karlsson (24 years old) sat at home in her apartment infected with Corona last weekend. She thought she was going to collapse.


One by one, Swedish women’s cross-country have disappeared before the World Cup in Gallivari. Jonah Sandling, Lin Svan and Johanna Hagström tested positive for the coronavirus, and then Frida Karlsson did the same. It was hard not to go skiing.

– It was a crisis, says Frida Carlsson to the Swedish newspaper Storavisen Express.

This weekend is another World Cup weekend in Sweden, now in Östersund. The Swedish ladies are back. But everyone is not too sure about the format.

– I don’t have high expectations, Carlson tells Expressen.

BACK: Frida Karlsson (closer) and Lin Svan are ready for the World Cup on home soil in Östersund next weekend.

On Friday they met with the press. Saturday is the sprint.

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Carlsson lives in Östersund and goes out on well-known trails, but when she was sitting at home in the apartment during the World Cup up north in Sweden last weekend, things started to resonate. She says it was like a breakdown, but you managed to recover.

– We dragged each other down, me and Lin. There has been a lot of negativity. That’s the charge we received, Carlson tells Expressen, laughing.

William Buruma also contracted Corona. And the Swedes are not alone, as several Norwegian runners have reported failure due to the coronavirus so far this season. Last year’s World Cup winner, Terrell Udinese Wong, has yet to go to a World Cup this season, as she finished this weekend’s race. Johannes Hosflot Klaebo also had Corona recently and had difficulty at the start of the World Cup in Roca, stopping last weekend, but now Klaebo is back.

Lin Svan tells the Swedish press that the crisis occurred in the Swedish camp recently. They had crisis conversations on social media and sent each other messages, photos and videos.

– I went to the different groups and looked: what feelings are there today? Yes, this life sucks, but you get used to it, Svan tells Expressen and laughs.

Sweden’s Emma Ribohm won the first World Cup sprint of the season in Roca ahead of Jonna Sandling and Kristin Staffas Skistad:


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