Crown Princess Victoria: – No better

Crown Princess Victoria: - No better

The popular fifth season Netflix series “The Crown” Just around the corner. Many people have been fascinated by the concept, and now there is one New series “The Crown” inspired by production With a focus on the Swedish royal family.

Last year it was announced that Sweden was getting its own version, and in August filming for the series began, he writes tatler.

It’s the Swedish king Carl Gustaf (76) Which will be the focus of the new series called “Monarki”.

Carl Gustaf took the throne from his grandfather in 1973. His father died when he was only about a year old in a plane crash.

HMP: Sweden’s Crown Prince Victoria and Prince Daniel are hosting the visit of the Norwegian Crown Prince to Stockholm. The first day of the visit got off to a rather bumpy start. Video: Caroline Vagle / Look and Hear
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– It feels so weird

However, the one who was not too happy with the plans for the new series is none other than Crown Princess Victoria (45) herself.

to me tatler Hope it isn’t the same in the series.

I’d rather not be photographed. And, she says, I’ll probably be out all season, according to the site.

Boring: It’s not always easy to maintain 100% focus during long meetings. The Swedish royal family felt it. Video: Expressen TV
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In January, the crown prince opened Svenska Dagbladet About what you really think about the upcoming series, which is He seemed skeptical about the idea.

– Yeah, so for those who are being photographed, it probably always feels weird, so it feels okay. How can this be true? It is difficult to deal with it, especially when people are alive, she told the newspaper.

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don’t share

However, the royal court denied that they were part of the production.

– We do not participate in any way. On the other hand, screenwriter Åsa Lantz wanted to ask some questions based on parts of the documentary, and based on that we answered, the royal court stated according to Tatler.

BLEMME in direct direction:Princess Madeleine was visiting her native Sweden. During an interview at the opening, things went quite a bit for the princess. Video: Bill T Nelson.
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For her part, Lantz said that she has been working on this project for many years.

Last year, the scriptwriter stated the following diverse:

Other kings and queens must have an influence on events in the world. Our king’s story is different. Not big internationally, but exciting and fascinating. And for many of us – completely unknown.

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