Crushing Warholm in the World Cup Final in the 400m Hurdles: – I should be allowed to digest that too

Crushing Warholm in the World Cup Final in the 400m Hurdles: - I should be allowed to digest that too

Warholm got acid past the eighth barrier and rocked it to the finish in 48.42 time.

Brazilian Alison dos Santos won with a score of 46.29.

– It was turned on when the acid came. It came very early. I went for all or nothing. This is what it was today, Warholm told NTB and the rest of the Norwegian writing press in the mixed region.

The 26-year-old from Olsztynvik said he felt much better in the semi-finals. He won it at 48.00.

– I felt like I had better control after that. I was probably a little excited today, and then the lack of training came and chased me.

– Was it too much with three races in four days after six weeks of injury?

– Yes, it might have been. It was hard to get a low 46 with the foundation of training I had. I had faith until I felt it was no longer possible. I realized she was pushed past the eighth butt.


The positive is that Warholm did not know anything about the injury in stock, and said that he still had plans to participate in the European Championships in Munich, which begins on August 15.

– I must go down first, then perhaps the desire for revenge will come. The leg looks good, then we take it from there.

– Totally froze and ran out?

– You can say it safely. It is difficult to determine what went wrong. I tried it and am proud of it. I’ve been fortunate and hit many other times in my career. My position is correct, but the charge has become the same. I can only stand with my back straight. Such is the brutality of extreme sport. You have to take it for what it is.

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How do you feel about the first real economic downturn?

Karsten Warholm had no chance during the final in the 400-meter hurdles at the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene, Oregon. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB Photo: NTB

– I should be allowed to digest it too. Unfortunately, that’s part of it. I noticed after the eighth butt, Warholm said, that it cost more than it tasted.

Dos Santos won the gold, ahead of Americans Ray Benjamin and Trevor Bassett. Only Estonian Rasmus Maggi lost to the Norwegian in the final.

– It looked great for a very long time, and then it was not good. I hope he’s stiff and not injured, Warholm Leif coach Olaf Allnes told NTB.

Troubled charging

It wasn’t a given that he would stand up for gold. The 26-year-old’s participation was finally confirmed just days before the tournament kicks off. He passed both the opening heat and the semi-finals.

– He went and tried. I think that is true. He should do this 12 out of 10 times. When we decided to do so, we considered it justified. “It’s one thing to start with, but if you cut yourself and pull something that was just a speed bump, but became a career-threatening injury, you’ve done something stupid,” Alnis continued.

Warholm’s coaching partner, Amelie Yoel, admired the current champion and noted his turbulent responsibility.

– It was completely raw. He did not have the optimal charge for the championship. I missed a lot of training. The fight he showed today – it was Karsten. It was incredibly wonderful. It was “brave” from the start, but then stopped near the end. He really should fight his battle. Iuel said to the licensee: I applaud that.

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– You realize that you are very excited about what it would be like. But he looked very good in both the trial and the semi-finals, so we had absolute confidence, national team manager Erlind Slovic told NTB he was surprised things didn’t go any better.

reigning hero

Last summer, Warholm took the Olympic gold when he set a world record of 45.94. That was a 76 percent improvement over the record he set at the Bislet Games some time ago.

Warholm shocked all of Norway and the world of athletics by winning the World Cup in London in 2017. Then he scored 48.35 points. Two years later, he repeated the achievement in Doha at 47.42.

The Ulsteinvik man also earned one gold medal at the 2018 European Championships on the merit list.

Alisson dos Santos was the world’s best player with a score of 46.80 before Tuesday’s final. He was set to play in the Diamond League in Stockholm earlier this summer.

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