– We hope we can find a solution – VG

- We hope we can find a solution - VG

VIKA (VG) Snarøya Tennis Club fears electricity prices next winter. Casper Rudd, 23, opens up to help his childhood club.


– When the price of electricity is what it is now, we feel we are on the verge of collapse, said Snarøya Tennis Club President Lenn Magne Solheim To TV 2 on Tuesday.

VG met Casper Rudd at Vika in Oslo on Wednesday. When asked what he thought of the Childhood Club and other gyms suffering from high electricity bills, the tennis star said the following:

– I hope we can find a solution, and if not, we’ll see if I can help in any way. If I can, I will at least do my best. But I hope Snarøya and other clubs will also continue this winter, Ruud tells VG.

VG + Sports: Watch Casper Rudd at Lillehammer’s Davis Cup live on VG + Sport on Friday and Saturday 16 and 17 September.

Casper Rudd signs a tennis ball at FICA in Oslo on Wednesday.

VG wrote on Tuesday About San Sports Club Who should get help from billionaire Trond Mohn, 79, to pay electricity bills for Åsane Arena.

The YMCA of Oslo will also feel the consequences of the exorbitant electricity. Oslo club should increase training fees As a result of recent electricity bills.

– I learned that there is a power crisis in the country. The Norwegian tennis star says it’s a shame it hits kids, and that’s the most important thing Norway has, that kids can play sports in their spare time.

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He explains why he wanted to help Snarøya:

– It’s my childhood club, and I know we have a bubble there. Other clubs have halls that require better insulation. Obviously a lot of electricity and energy is needed to heat up these bubbles, and if it gets too difficult, we’ll have to see if we can solve it in other ways.

Head of Sports Berit Kajol and seven of the ring managers wrote the following about energy prices in the sport in the VG Chronicle on Wednesday:

«Many of us have struggled over the past few years, especially children and young adults whose meeting places have been minimal due to the Corona pandemic. We cannot risk continuing this development with electricity prices bombarding the appearance of sports teams and volunteer work.»

VG + Sports: Watch Casper Rudd at Lillehammer’s Davis Cup live on VG + Sport on Friday and Saturday 16 and 17 September.

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