Crypto exchange Firi was down – E24

Crypto exchange Firi was down - E24

Crypto exchange users have experienced “connection issues,” but the issues should be resolved now.

CEO Thuc Hoang and COO Marius Blaker Høgevold at Firi.

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Crypto exchange Firi, until recently known as MiraiEx, reported on its Facebook page that some users had “connection issues.”

“We’ve fixed the issue, and it should be working again now for most people,” Ferry writes in an update to users.

According to the update, the problems mean that some “did not access the app or the site”.

“It’s true that we were “on the bottom,” an upgrade in our resource that we’d been planning for a while, which unfortunately didn’t go as planned,” CEO Thuc Hoang wrote in a text message to E24.

It says the error has been corrected

He explains that the upgrade was related to DNS, the so-called “phonebook” of how the Internet found Fires services.

– Error detected continuously and corrected within 10 minutes. But these “phonebooks” have different frequencies about how often they are updated and synced to each other.

– Therefore, it has been successful with most of our customers and they have access to our services, while for example, many local Internet providers or mobile operators are not updated frequently. He wrote that our customers have received the latest information and advice available to access the services on social media and answers to emails if they contact us during this period.

Bitcoin high

In the cryptocurrency market, it is considered a positive day for the price of bitcoin. According to coinmarketcap, bitcoin is trading for nearly $54,900, an increase of more than ten percent in the past 24 hours.

The price is also the highest since May this year.

Firi started in 2017 and says it has over 100,000 customers. Regarding the name change, Operations Director Marius Blecker Hugevold stated that Oslo Bors has ambitions to reach 500,000 customers in Scandinavia during 2022.

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