Culture and news | This is how fall will be on NRK: Kevin Vågenes is back on TV

Culture and news |  This is how fall will be on NRK: Kevin Vågenes is back on TV

(Nettavisen): On Tuesday, the stage is set for NRK’s ​​fall launch at Oslo’s Vika Cinema, where the channel can reveal new and old programs coming to TV this fall.

In the selection you’ll find everything from major and well-known NRK hits to brand-new winning concepts.

Among the channel’s new fall entertainment projects is apparently the docu-crime comedy What Happened to Solveig? In the cast list is none other than Kevin Vågenes (36), who will be returning to TV playing a total of 17 roles.

Vågenes is known for playing most of his roles as himself, including in previous NRK hits “Parterapi”, “Familien Lykke” and “Kollektivet”.

“What happened to Solveig?” It follows a team of journalists investigating the mysterious death of Solveig Lyngåsen. Popular blogger Solveig is attacked and pushed off a cliff during a walk in the woods, and suspicion falls on Ole Glenn, a notorious criminal.

But without evidence, the case is dismissed, and then must be exposed as to who in the village had a motive for killing Solveig. According to NRK, the series will deliver humor and thrills with comic reconstructions and absurd interviews.

Series begins August 18th.

Last season of “Side om Side”

After ten seasons and a total of one hundred episodes, the viewer’s favorite “Side om side” is coming to an end. According to NRK, the final season of “Side om side” will be a good ending to the story of the famous neighborhood of Granli.

The description says the final season will depict famous families, life going on and neighborhood residents spoiling it for themselves and others.

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The final season of “Side om side” will premiere on August 26.

Drama series about puppy Harlem Brundtland

One of the main talking points this fall will be the new drama series, “Makta.” The series deals with parts of the political life of Norway’s first female prime minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland.

The series is described as follows:

“The year is 1974, but we are still in Oslo in 2023. The Labor Party is in crisis. The party is torn apart by conflict between party leader Reolf Steen and Prime Minister Udvar Nordli. The alcohol flows, as do the leaks.

At the same time, socially engaged doctor Gro Harlem Brundtland becomes entangled in a political power game. She eventually becomes adept at spelling and outsmarts her opponents. In 1981 she became Norway’s first female prime minister.

The upcoming NRK series earlier this spring won Best Drama at the prestigious Cannes Series Festival.

The TV series premieres on Sunday, October 29.

Here’s some of what you can see on NRK this fall:

This is how NRK describes its new initiatives:


Over the course of six episodes, presenters Erik Solbakken and Annika Momrak will do their best to scare the participants, while checking who has the highest heart rate.

The contestants who are the worst at keeping calm must leave the house in turn, until the most sane celebrity remains the winner of the “Vettskremt”.

The series premieres in September.

“The Hunt for the Halibut”

If you remember the popular TV series “On Fishing with Bård and Lars”, you will be delighted when the two fishing buddies, Bård Tufte Johansen and Lars Lenth, are back on TV with their fishing rod.

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Bård Tufte Johansen and his fishing friend Lars Lenth take buses to a deserted fjord in Sørøya in Finnmark to fulfill an old dream, to catch halibut over a hundred kilograms on the hook.

They have a goal of making a living from what they hunt and gather in the sea and on land. But eventually, the city boys will gradually be shown to have overestimated their own capabilities—both to live a simple life in harmony with nature, but also to outsmart the monstrous halibut.

The program begins on September 1.

Fools’ Day

Dummedag is a post-apocalyptic comedy-drama. When a new virus mutates and produces a deadly pandemic, six strangers are forced to work together to save the world from a virus that makes people stupid. Will they survive? And could these six people really be the future of the human race?

In the roles we meet Jacob Schoen-Andersen, Henrik Mustad, Charlotte Frogner, Genghis Al, Kristen Grundsen and Ellie Mollmer Osborne.

The series premiered in November.

Hilt Ram Sportster Season Two

Help Ramme Sporter is back with new and useful sports from around the world! This season, Nikolaj Rahm takes celebrity spunky Mikel Neva, Kristina Vukicevic, Oscar Westerlin, and Al Genghis on an adventure to compete in some of the weirdest sports on the planet. It’s going to be icy hot, painful…and dangerous!

The program begins October 27.

“first man”

Martin Lepperød made his first appearance as a presenter for “Førstemann”, a humorous reality contest. On an idyllic farm, six stand-up comedians live and work, while competing to be the best to be the first.

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The program starts in November.

The golden streak is back

Star Battle: Season eleven of “Stjernekamp” begins September 2. Christine Danke is a new, permanent expert judge, while Kåre Magnus Bergh continues as presenter.

Once again: Isalill Kolpus is the team’s new captain when “New again” returns on Friday, September 8th.

Mask Frame: Norway’s biggest guessing game is finally back on Saturday 11th November. Again this year, the participants have two missions: to impress you on stage and to keep their identity hidden. Celje Nordnes is the presenter, while the detective committee is secretive.

Lindmo: Anne Lindmo invites you to a party on Fridays with good stories, current guests and the best live Norwegian music. Premieres Friday, September 15th.

“Win to win”: On Friday September 15, Atle Pettersen, Trond Nagell-Dahl and Lars Andreas Aspesæter returned with the Beat for the win.

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