Culture Center | Viewers in armor before the other wedding: – Incredibly disappointing

Culture Center |  Viewers in armor before the other wedding: – Incredibly disappointing

Electronic newspaper: Saturday 20 April Else Kåss Furuseth (43 years old) gets married in front of more than 5,000 spectators at Oslo Spectrum. To the dismay of many, the wedding was not broadcast live or televised.

Through the talk show “Else” on TVNorge, TV viewers have followed the presenter's search for her future husband in recent weeks, and she recently managed to reveal that she has fallen in love.

However, Kåss Furuseth kept her cards close to her chest about who she loves, saying that it remains to be seen how soon the wedding will take place.

Who she is chosen, and whether she gets a yes, on the other hand, will only be witnessed by the audience in the hall – something TV viewers react to.

He was campaign Who mentioned it first.

– Incredibly disappointing

She's on the job Instagram That Foruseth was informed that television viewers were not allowed to participate in the ceremony.

– The wedding will not be broadcast or shown on TV, (sorry – but the report is coming!), she wrote.

The comments section was filled with comments from disappointed followers, who were hoping to follow the presenter to the altar.

“It's like a scam when it's not shown, and it's been hyped for months everywhere, and why a place like this if it's not shown. Was he the guy who didn't want it? Because everyone can stream it if they want to now.”Someone writes.

“It is very disappointing that it will not be shown on TV, after all the preparations that have gone on for several weeks! If we take it for granted, why else would we be able to see all the features that were there?” comes from another.

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Another follower points out that not everyone lives in Oslo and has the opportunity to attend the event at Oslo Spectrum.

Else Kåss Furuseth has not yet responded to Nettavisen's inquiries.

it is too late

In the comments section, Foruseth responds that it's not a matter of desire, but that it was not possible to achieve it.

Program Director and Editor-in-Chief, Warner Bros. Discovery's Magnus Vatn confirms to Nettavisen that the wedding will not be shown on TV.

Faten explains that the event will not be broadcast on TVNorge because production was already underway with preparations for the talk show “Else!” When the wedding idea was proposed.

– Sure, a Spektrum wedding could be done on TV, but it's too late for us to make it TV, says the show's director.

It was last winter that Kåss announced Furuseth Instagram that she was getting married in spring.

“Nothing gives me the feeling of being alive so much as thoughts of a cow, and now (having suggested it at my old workplace, in books, to friends and foodorabud) I've finally taken action: Nu jævlar! And now I'm getting married!” I wrote.

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