Dagbladet reveals: – Receives holiday pay on severance pay

Dagbladet reveals: - Receives holiday pay on severance pay

Sorting agents who are not re-elected this fall can, once they apply, receive three months’ pay to transfer and get a new job.

Retirement pay and dismissal pay are not calculated as pay under the Holiday Benefit Act and are not paid as holiday pay to ordinary people.

But the parliamentarians are not ordinary people in this area either.

It has been mentioned that the representatives of Sporting follow completely separate rules and they also get holiday pay in separation pay.

If a representative who left Sporting this fall is paid three months’ dismissal, he will receive an additional 12 percent of the three salaries paid in January.

Above 30,000

Representatives of Storting have an annual benefit of around NOK 990,000. Therefore, there will only be NOK 247,000 in separation pay for three months. In January, NOK 30,000 will be paid in vacation pay, which is not common in working life.

– Rodin’s Mimir Christian Johnson says that politicians at Sorting are unemployed and at the same time people are completely tired of making plans with gold nuggets for themselves, while at the same time enjoying social security cuts from the same Sorting politicians.

While the parliamentarians have adopted a plan of their own, the debate over the Labor / Social Democratic government erupts in a way that ordinary people can dream of. Broke the hundred-day promise to return holiday pay to the unemployed.

The Holiday pay scheme for the unemployed was canceled by the Solberg government and promised to be introduced by the Labor Party before the election. But with the state budget for next year, the party also canceled its election promise.

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The Labor Party still insists that the plan be revived, not this fall.

Although the unemployed do not receive leave pay in the interest of unemployment, retired members of Sporting receive NOK 30,000 in addition to NOK 250,000 as holiday pay.

Ragnhild Bø Raugland, senior lawyer for the Norwegian Bar Association, is aware that vacation pay in advance pay is not normal for ordinary employees and is not in accordance with the vacation law.

“Vacation law and related procedures are based on a system of non-payment of vacation pay on the basis of work effort. Therefore, vacation pay is generally not provided in large severance packages or agreed severance pay.

“In my view, dismissal pay should not be included in the calculation of vacation pay,” the attorney continues.

– Stomach lost target

Kristjansson is a recent Member of Parliament and one of the beneficiaries of the Dagbladet program.

Delegates in Sorting receive regular salary in the summer of the first year they are elected, which is not deducted from any vacation pay they receive from their old job. On top of this they get holiday pay when they retire – salary – and separation pay.

Double vacation pay for the first year – then regular vacation pay when they leave.

– This shows that Norwegian politicians are upset. Not only did Sorting pay him a million bucks, but they also offered him a holiday pay package with gold tips that was not like a pig. On top of this comes cheating on fares, severance pay and commuter housing, says Christzanson.

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Hansen resigned

Marianne Andreassen, director of Sporting, explains the background to the terms as follows:

– Until the delegates are elected, they will not have the opportunity to receive holiday pay, which is the background of this scheme. The project was approved by Sorting, who writes in an email to Dagbladet.

Lawyer Olav Legrade is known as one of the most famous figures in Norwegian labor law, and among other things he has worked for many victims of the NAV scandal. He believes there is no doubt that Storting has adopted a special plan for himself.

– It is clear that the politicians here have given themselves a plan that is more favorable than if they were ordinary wage earners.

– There are special conditions. If you compare it with normal staff, this is a special program, yes, says Lægreid.

Cleaning work is underway

Storting has been plagued by numerous scandals since Aftenposten exposed the use of commuter homes in the election campaign.

On Tuesday this week, Adresseavisen revealed that this also applies to newly elected Storting leader Eva Kristin Hansen (Labor), who resigned Thursday night after police announced they had begun an investigation.

This comes on the heels of the fact that many agents have been arrested for both fraud and irregularities in travel expenses.

Mazyar Keshvari (Frp) submitted invalid travel invoices and improperly paid 450,000 kroner. He was sentenced to 11 months in prison last year. Hege Haukeland Liadal (Labor) is currently accused of gross fraud for travel expenses.

Eva Kristin Hansen, the now-resigned Storting chairman, said when he was elected a month ago that his most important job was to restore confidence in Sporting.

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– I think we have to work hard to restore confidence in Sorting among the people. There are now a number of cases that have contributed to the weakening of confidence in Norwegian politicians, he said.

– I think we need a thorough cleaning. A lot has already been set in motion, but we need to get the job done.

Now it is time to elect a new president to head the Sorting cleanup.

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