David Eriksen, everyone loves David

David Eriksen, everyone loves David

David Eriksen (56 years old) is currently in the news with a new season of “Alle elsker David”, the fifth season in a row.

Since 2021, TV viewers have been able to follow the celebrity manager, his family and his company, Eccentric People, through the ups and downs. David Eriksen himself never imagined that there would be so many seasons of the TV show.

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– It was unimaginable when we started. And I wouldn't have wanted to do that if you had asked me four or five years ago, Eriksen tells Netafsen regarding the fifth season.

But today he is used to sharing almost “everything” with the Norwegian people, including his love life. This is despite the fact that he never imagined this would become a theme in this year's season.

So imagine one year

Last summer it became known that the 56-year-old had found the tone with Louise Angelica Reis (34 years old). Before they met, Eriksen envisioned one year with an eye elsewhere:

– On New Year's Day 2023, I envisioned a year on my own, focusing on work and other things. But then here I sit twelve months later in a relationship. It was not easy to predict.

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“But I have a girlfriend, and this is part of the new season,” he says.

Although Eriksen didn't imagine his love life would get any special focus in the new season of Everybody Loves David – it was a natural inclusion when it first happened.

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– He says: “If we had not included it, it would have been ridiculous and unreasonable to come up with another season.”

– In the same way that we could have dropped the breakup between Hedwig and me in season three, but then it would be a mistake when you're first doing a series that's supposed to be a little close. If you've thought of this first, then you should keep going, the celebrity manager adds.

-Strange to see

Although he thinks it's normal for the relationship with Rise to be the defining feature of the new season, Eriksen doesn't hide that he thinks it's a bit strange to have to live it all on TV next.

– Many people ask me what it's like to see such special things on TV, and he laughs.

– This is not the best preparation for a new friend to jump straight into a TV series. It's not romantic. But she's a public person and knows how things work, so it worked out well. Eriksen adds that this may have been an advantage.

Louise Angelica Reyes herself has experience in the field of television and has participated, among other things, in the program “The Bloggers” on TV 2.

– So when we realized it was more than just dating, it was only natural that we brought him along. But it's a bit strange to see, says David Eriksen.

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