Frida Holland reveals the identity of her boyfriend:

Frida Holland reveals the identity of her boyfriend:

Podcast Profile Frida Holland, 28, has kept her cards close to her chest for a long time when it comes to the identity of her boyfriend.

The couple met a year and a half ago, and confirmed the relationship last fall, but the 28-year-old had the advantage of publicly naming the mystery flame.

Call details about girlfriend

In the podcast “coffee pot”which brought her together with her friend and influencer, Øyunn Krogh (28 years old), whose boyfriend used the pseudonym “Indieprinsen”.

The origins of the moniker must go back to the fact that Holland, who chose it, is an artist and produces music in the “indie” genre.

However, the anonymity did not prevent keen Kaffeskål listeners from speculating about the identity of this “independent prince”. Now, the wait is over.

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-It would be so nice to finally know who this guy is. “I think a lot of people know that, there's a lot of people who have done a good hunt,” Holland begins in an episode of the podcast on Wednesday.

Furthermore, she revealed that her boyfriend is artist “Jimmy Somewhere” whose real name is Benjamin Shandy (25 years old). Earlier this year, Hollande confirmed to Se og Hør that the couple had taken their relationship a step further and were cohabiting.

– His name is Benjamin, his name on Instagram is “Jimi Somewhere,” and he is a musician.

Rage against TV shows

Rage against TV shows

She doesn't hide the fact that it's good that she can finally reveal the identity of her boyfriend.

– With great humility and a proud heart, today I can announce who my true lover is, and not just under an assumed name, as you say.

Dressed: Øyunn Krogh and Frida Hollund recreate the scandalous photo during a Lyko Halloween party. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Nora Gulbrandsen Skavhoj.
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The 28-year-old joked that she would show it off in public in the future, to cheers from Krug, who explained that she couldn't wish her friend had a better friend.

– finally! Otherwise, she doesn't want to comment on the matter beyond what she says on the podcast, Holund tells Se og Hør.

Benjamin Shandy did not respond to Se og Hør's inquiries.

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