Dear Siri voice assistant!

Dear Siri voice assistant!

It is a good idea to respect the duty of confidentiality.

On my previous iPhone, I said I was 29 no matter what year it was, wrote Thea Oakland, who is blind.
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This year marks ten years Since you and I entered into collaboration on my Iphone at that time. We have also continued this in my current post. Voice Assistant is an excellent invention, and you have many different pages and functions.

I can ask you to call a phone number, read an SMS, find things on the internet, use you to do math and much more. And most importantly, you can tell a joke. So you make me laugh at your dry jokes. Dry jokes are the best ever! And on my previous iPhone, I said I’m 29 no matter what year it was. But you stopped that in my new country. Badly done!

Ten years with the voice assistant Siri has brought some bleeding edge.

But like everyone else You also make mistakes big and small. Like when I read an SMS and I asked you to write a scissor claw. It turned into mashed potatoes. You may also find yourself calling someone other than the person I asked you to call. And sometimes you don’t understand anything. Refreshing usually helps after that.

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You may have sent many SMS and other things with some errors and omissions. It can be dangerous at worst, but it’s often comical. Maybe my kids plan to write a book about all the funny letters they get from me. It will definitely be a bestseller.

Most often leave I corrected after different tripping. It is difficult to contact you for an interview with an employee, but you will receive a few words from me. And not uncommon either. I will spare you what you called to the outside world. Then you probably won’t work anymore or get angry.

But despite the shortcomings and bugs, you are an excellent voice assistant. It would be noticeable if you were gone. And think about how many secrets you’re sitting on. My phone is full of private messages, emails, and other things. Good for you to keep your confidentiality, Siri! After all, in working life it is important to sit on private and confidential information.

Siri, you He came to join us more – with potential for improvement.

Do you use Siri voice assistant?


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