Debate, Traffic | The government has embarked on a dangerous path – and they cannot tolerate wrongdoing

Debate, Traffic |  The government has embarked on a dangerous path – and they cannot tolerate wrongdoing

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Don't let it go Doubt. I cannot take it lightly that unrest is being created about large investments in western Norway.

That government now, according to Bergen's DenteThe monumental project on the E39 between Os and Stord announces that it has been waiting a few years to fulfill it, and can still live.

But note: Only if they deliver on three other more urgent projects.

E16 and Bergensbanen Between Arna and Stanghelle, the project is unlikely to be tolerated by Transport and Communications Minister Jon-Ivar Nygård (Ap).

If he cannot get the money for this important project, he will have no choice but to resign as Transport Minister.

Previous traffic peaks are telling About the nights that arose as a result of which responsibility for life and health affected them on the path.

The risk of a major disaster is increasing, experts believe.

E16 and Vossebanen If the government means anything by the words social protection, preparedness and protection of life and health, it must be implemented as soon as possible. point.

Next project Government should provide Light Rail for Asan. No program in the National Transport Plan better responds to national goals related to the environment, climate, well-functioning cities and global social development.

If the government cites local political rematch as an argument for not prioritizing Bibanon, they will be left with the political swar-per.

They need to stop believing otherwise.

All experiential programs That means you can trust the District Joint Plan. You'd have to look long and hard for a project that either contributed more to building a better society or was mostly able to stay on budget (yes, though I take exception; budget blow against Fillingsdalen).

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If money legislation comes through, we, both the county and the state, should expect Bergen to provide a solid majority on how to build the trail, and it won't be more expensive than planned.

If provided by Govt What they have to do, no one can blame the government.

Hardfast's release is still the only program that can really protect itself Nordhordland tunnel.

About central government powers Think about upgrading the coastal trunk road E39, which is no doubt where they should start. As it is between Nordhordlandsbrua and Vågsbotn the demand is very dangerous.

If you use traffic volume as a parameter, you won't find the worst European road section in the country. If the government wants to prevent a new round of angry protest voters in the west, the North Hartland tunnel needs to be built as soon as possible.

Simply Because this section on E39 is very urgent. The relatively newly opened motorway between Bergen and Oss ensures that the shoe presses harder in the north.

The arguments for forming Westland together apply to the highest degree to the E39 and E16 North and East. These are the most important projects for Sogn and Sunnfjord.

This argument must Even the most ardent Hordfast advocates take responsibility. This is fully consistent with the priority list for the Westland County Municipality.

If the government thinks they can get away with racing the E39 between Os and Haugalandet, they need to think about it some more.

That is, it accepts Not the West.

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Instead, they should advise the Norwegian Road Administration to ensure that Hardfast is a future-oriented project from an environmental and climate perspective.

Western Norway needs it A coastal trunk road that unites western Norway and those who feel a great responsibility for our nature.

Unfortunately, the Norwegian Road Administration's work in this field is not reliable enough. The problem with Hordfast is not that it costs a lot of money, but that we don't get enough concrete answers about the effects of vulnerable nature.

Denials of this Have been there for years. If anything, what endangered Hardfast was that politicians, bureaucrats and campaigners did not take these signals seriously.

If you are in doubt. This is what the government should pay for. So that the nation can get the much needed coastal trunk road. Not because it's the West's way, but because Norway needs the West to stay together and secure income for society.

By declaring They want to postpone Hordfast, the government has taken a legal stand against it in any case. It's the demotion of Western Norway!

This means they have to offer all other programs. But also show that delaying Hordfast is not a sleeping pillow. Norway needs a Westland.

If not, the ruling party in western Norway will suffer a heavy blow in the next election.

There it is No other project is urgent.

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