Drunk fights on Good Friday night: banned from après-ski

Drunk fights on Good Friday night: banned from après-ski

Crows visit nightclubs, apres-ski and hotels.

Before 01:00, two men were picked up from a pub in Beitostølen. They had to spend the night in a detention center in Hamar and were reported for disorderly conduct and assaulting a public official, according to police in Inlandet.

At Gautefall in Drangedal, a guest created a bad situation at après ski. The man, in his 20s, is described as belligerent and highly intoxicated.

– Taken care of by comrades, writes South East Police on X.

In Hemsedal, a gang of boys have been evicted after arguing with security guards at a restaurant. It happened at 01:00.

A man in his 20s also entered from a restaurant in Kaustablik, Tin Municipality at around 10.40pm on Thursday evening, according to D VG, Operations Manager of South East Police District Roger Aser.

He did not comply with orders to leave the scene after the disturbance and is therefore to be detained until he sobers up.

– We've had minor glitches in Hemsedal, Gautfall and Gastablic, but none in Keilo. He says there are no serious injuries.

He says police are prioritizing their resources against areas with high life expectancy at Easter.

– We have patrols that prioritize après ski and high-traffic areas and we have the ability to handle it.

– Preventing and being present in case something happens is a priority, he says.

In Pomlo too, the catering industry had to deal with difficult guests.

– A hotel guest allegedly assaulted a security guard, Sør-Vest police district in X, previously wrote on Twitter.

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The accused, described as a youth, was checked out of the hotel by 8am on Good Friday.

Mandy Thursday also during the day It was full on après ski.

– There are a lot of people out there, and not all of them can comply with applicable rules. They are also a little drunk, and then their judgment is a little off, Atle Bernhoft Von Obstfelder, Operations Manager at the Inland Police District, told VG at 5.30pm.

By then, several youths had already been kicked out for drunken brawls.

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