Defeated by the Taliban – Viji

Defeated by the Taliban – Viji

Ramin Mirzai claims to have been abused by Taliban soldiers as he tried to enter the international airport in Kabul and return to Norway.


– I was shot and beaten by the Taliban because I showed them my Norwegian passport, he tells Viji.

On Friday morning he arrived at Oslo Airport in Garderman With TV2 reporter Frederick Kroswick and NRK Middle East correspondent Yama Volasmal.

He is not from Kabul, but has recently stayed in the capital. For four days he tried to leave the country.

– But the situation at the airport was completely chaotic. Ordinary Afghans without papers are trying to leave because they are afraid of the Taliban. People are frustrated, Mirzai says.

He says he has been repeatedly rejected by the Taliban.

Relief: Ramin Mirzai is happy to be back in Norway, but talks about the chaos and frustration at Kabul airport.

– I showed them a Norwegian passport, but they did not know what it was – They did not go to school once. Norwegian Afghanistan says US troops at the airport also told me to leave.

Many empty seats on flights from Kabul: “A tragedy”

Thinking about family

Eventually, he got inside and won and got a seat on the flight that left for Norway on Thursday.

– Of course I was very scared, now I feel safe, but I think about the family and friends left there, says Mirzai.

He was shocked that extremist Islamists in the Taliban had seized the country so quickly. He is bitter that the government has handed over the country to the Taliban and that the president has fled.

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– He is a liar. He promised to rule and protect the country, Mirzai said of President Ghani, who is said to have taken refuge in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

– End the mess now

He has no hope that the Taliban will be able to rebuild Afghanistan.

– The system is now in complete disarray. I don’t think they can control it like they say. People are scared and they can’t tell what’s on their mind.

Expelled: Abdul Aziz is a Norwegian citizen who worked in Kabul. He returned to Norway on Friday.

Abdul Aziz was confronted when he arrived at the airport in Kabul on Thursday. But when he saw a Norwegian flag and Norwegian forces he was able to infiltrate the sea of ​​people.

– We got help and came to peace. Afghan, a Norwegian citizen, says he is very grateful to the Norwegian forces, the Norwegian government and especially the ambassador.

He holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Oslo and is currently working in Kabul. Abdul Aziz is also shocked at how quickly government forces reduced the fighting.

The same question all Afghans ask the former president: Why? We do not know the answer. It happened suddenly. This was not expected.

– It was scary

Abdul Aziz was with the planes from Afghanistan that landed at Oslo Airport on Friday morning.

– Crowds were high in front of the main entrance of the airport in Kabul. Many went there without visas or papers and they tried to escape the situation, says Abdul Aziz.

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Closed: Afghan security forces guard the fences around Kabul International Airport on Tuesday this week.

He says Afghans are scared after the Taliban took power.

– I was scared too, says Abdul Aziz.

He believes the people will resist if the Islamists rule as brutally as they did last time.

– The people of Afghanistan are not like they were twenty years ago. They have universities and education, media and internet access, the socio-economist points out.

– Great uncertainty

He pointed out that the Taliban would not act like the nineties.

– But nothing is guaranteed. There is great uncertainty regarding this. We will see how the situation develops in the next few days and weeks, ”says Abdul Aziz.

Islamists: Taliban soldiers on patrol in Kabul on Thursday.

He is clear on what the Taliban need to take people to their side.

– Let those women get education and jobs, let other political groups enter a broad government, then there is no opposition.

Abdul Aziz does not even know whether to return to Kabul.

– I do not know what the situation will be like if we get a government to build the country. I always thought I would contribute, but it is not easy to achieve now in Afghanistan.

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