Delete Google Search – The button allows you to delete the last quarter

Delete Google Search - The button allows you to delete the last quarter

Many of us search for a lot of weird stuff throughout the day, and that might not be all you want to have in your search history afterwards.

Ironically (since Google makes Android), iOS users have had this option for a while, but are now reporting the edge That Android users also get the button that lets you easily delete the last quarter of your Google search history.

The company has only started rolling out the feature to Android users now, so you can expect to access it in the near future.

Heres how to do it

We don’t get the option on an Android phone yet, but by opening the Google app and tapping on your profile picture, it will (eventually for many) bring up an option called “Delete Last 15 Minutes”, which will then be available on iOS already.

Pressing “Delete in the last 15 minutes” will delete what you have done with Google in the last 15 minutes from your user profile. Photo: Pål Joakim Pollen
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Pressing this button will delete your Google activity from the last quarter.

Delete old history

It is worth noting that since 2019, you have had the opportunity to do this so that the oldest Google history is automatically deleted, and it is also possible to delete everything.

Read more about it in this article:

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