Deportation from Kabul: – NRK reporter in custody

Deportation from Kabul: - NRK reporter in custody

On Monday afternoon, both NRK and TV2 confirmed to Meter24 that they were trying to evict their reporters Yama Volosmal and Frederick Kroswick from the Afghan capital, Kabul. This report Media24.

Both Volosmal and Khrushchev are based in the Afghan capital.

Volosmal says in a post Doxravian On Monday night he was evacuated from the public area of ​​the airport and is safe in the military area.

– Lucky to have a Norwegian passport

– Yesterday was particularly difficult. I was standing like a herring in a barrel with family and children with hundreds of Afghans entering the military area of ​​the airport. I stood at the gate for several hours until the crew evacuated me from security, Volosmal tells Medier 24.

– I’m lucky. I have a Norwegian passport. The other pessimistic people here are not in it, he says.

Volasmal had to cancel a scheduled live broadcast on Doxravian after Sunday because he was in a “very challenging security situation.”

NRK foreign director Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen told Medier24 that they were in constant contact with Volosmal and that they would continue to assess the situation.

– This is an even more confusing situation. Falkenberg Mickelson says safety has always been the first priority for employees in the field.

– It is not possible to get to the airport safely

TV2 Crosswick also works to move home to Norway. Greswick told the news channel on Monday that he had tried to leave the country, but that it was also needed by foreigners.

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– Most of those who want to leave now will be rejected. This makes it very difficult for us Western citizens who want to leave Afghanistan because it is almost impossible to get to the airport safely under the prevailing circumstances, says Khrushchev. TV2.

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TV2’s news editor Carianne Solbrook told Dacblatt on Monday night that she was working to get to the Crosswick home.

– He still works for us in Kabul and of course we are in constant contact with him. We want to take him home safely, and that’s what we’re working on now, says Soulbrooke.

He tells Doug Platt that he was in a situation where he repeatedly demanded that Kroswick be an experienced journalist.

– We have contact with other international media like him – he goes home. In addition, we have our own external security company, which assists us in this type of work. Of course, we are in contact with the Norwegian authorities regarding the situation.

Although journalists are interested in reporting on what is happening and attending events like this, the news editor says the safety of staff is the most important thing. The media company closely follows the security situation.

– He has other media colleagues and security around him, so we only follow the situation consistently and have close contact, says Soulbrooke.

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