June 6, 2023


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Destructive Rebellion - Investigated by PST

Destructive Rebellion – Investigated by PST

The Police Security Service (BST) has taken up the investigation of the protesters who stuck themselves in Sporting in May. The destructive rebel activists were first questioned by the Center police.

– Eirik Skøyeneie, a police inspector in the Oslo police district, tells Dagbladet that cases involving Section 115 of the Criminal Code are generally PST.

Protesters stuck themselves in a gallery in Sporting Hall and interrupted Sporting’s crowd as they shouted weather news.

115, Masood Karahkani (Labor), the leader of the Sorting under the Penal Code for attacks on high-level institutions, reported them. They also reported damage under Section 351.

Investigating possible violations

PST says there is nothing new in the case.

– Martin Bernson, PST’s senior adviser, says the investigation will try to clarify whether there is a violation of Section 115 and / or others.

The demonstration at the Storting Gallery has received much attention ever since Dagbladet revealed that last year the Extinction Rebellion was funded by the Minister of Commerce and Industry’s own company.. Operators of the Vestre AS furniture factory were given NOK 300,000. Minister of Commerce and Industry John Christian Westrey (Labor) no longer holds active roles, but still holds a majority stake in the company.

The collaboration came to an end last fall when Westray became Minister of State. Westray now says disabling the country’s national assembly is not the right way to go.

Salmon and dead animals

Over the past year, Extinction Rebellion has faced several fines and trials. Those who went to the church in Skin responded when Easter worship was blocked by an extinction rebellion that tried to enter with the dead animals hanging on the cross.

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There was a traffic jam when they blocked the road in front of the palace and there was an uprising as they entered the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

In 2020, activists stuck in Westray’s own corridors in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, before he became Minister of State. Activists dressed in salmon protested the fishing industry.