– Strategy failed

- Strategy failed

In recent weeks, the development of the epidemic in Norway has erupted, and both the education union and the union are concerned about the corona situation in schools. The Kjersti Toppe government of the Central Party believes that it has failed.

– I have a good understanding of the critique and concern of the industries. The government and health officials have failed to deal with the epidemic and are focusing too much on reopening, says Top Tocladet.

Health Minister Bent Hay (H) and the government in early August announced in September that Norway could return to a normal daily life with increased readiness.

Priority Representation: Kjersti Tope (SP). Photo: Ole Berg-Ruston / NDP
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– Strategy failed

Tappeh asks the government to come aboard.

– Strategy failed. Infection records are set and infection monitoring is broken. Growth seems out of control. It is clear that this is making it harder for the school, especially in high-infection municipalities, says Tope and encourages:

– Here, the government should come forward and explain what the current strategy is and provide assistance, advice and support to the municipalities and help them to cope with it. Particular attention needs to be paid to what is happening now in schools and kindergartens so that the infection does not increase further.

Chairman: Mette North in the union.  Photo: Union
Manager: Mette Nord in union. Photo: Union
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The unions are concerned

On Tuesday, the education association told Thackeray They get feedback from frightened parents and students and somewhat confusing situations.

The union claims to have conducted a membership survey for Thackeray, among other things, fearing that half of the members working in schools, kindergarten and SFO / AKS will be affected at work.

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– This survey shows that our members are afraid of being affected by corona, especially in Oslo we find that 7 out of 10 people are afraid of this. Mete Nord, president of the union, says this is a concern that needs to be taken seriously, as the government has basically failed to vaccinate staff, especially in schools and kindergartens.

Nord believes it is irresponsible of the government to open at the green level, while the Education Association has asked officials to reconsider whether it is appropriate to replace isolation with schools.

Parliamentary Representation: Invild Kerkol (Labor Party).  Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB
Priority representation: Invild Kerkol (Labor Party). Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB
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Labor policy spokeswoman Inquil Kerkol tells Thackeray that he shares the concerns of the education union.

He added that they agree with the government that vaccination is now very important and therefore asked them to expedite the decision to vaccinate children between the ages of 12 and 15.

The Labor Party believes it is appropriate and important to follow the professional advice of health officials when dealing with the epidemic. We’ve done this since the epidemic started, and we still do, Kergol tells Duckbladet.

Difficulty: Director of the FHI, Line Vault Department, on the status of the epidemic and the importance of vaccination. Video: NTP
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Full support

On Wednesday, Health Minister Bent Hay (H) told Thackeray Most of the victims in the very short term at the present time. Therefore, the government is now cooperating with municipalities to improve compliance with epidemic control measures, as well as ensure that municipalities use local measures in the event of major outbreaks.

– Municipalities get full support from us if it is necessary to introduce new measures, said Høie Dagbladet and mentioned an example yellow status in schools.

Vaccine: Oslo City Councilor Raymond Johansson said the vaccine is no doubt a way out of the infection. Video: Dagbladet TV / Signe Elise Stenersen. Reporter: Amanda Walnam.
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He added that the government was aware of the status of the schools described by the education union and the union.

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– We are aware of that situation, which is not the situation we want to be in. Therefore, it is important to help municipalities gain control of the situation, as well as to disseminate Govt information with them – 19 does not pose a major health risk to children and young people, Hey added:

– Extreme national measures such as the yellow level measures in schools at the national level would have affected many children and youth. This is because infection control measures that control the school and leisure life of children and youth have major negative effects on health and education. Therefore, we believe it is appropriate not to re-tighten the sporting, cultural and functional privileges of children and youth, but then estimates may vary in the individual municipality.

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