March 21, 2023


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Bergen Conservatives have to admit they lost the war

Bergen Conservatives have to admit they lost the war

The party must accept the best solution for the city and its citizens.

It is time for politicians to accept the path to Assange, says Ingrid Louis Storbo.
  • Ingrid Louise Storebø

    Member of the Central Committee of Unge Høre and former Chairman of Bergen Unge Høre

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The debate over where The light rail will soon go up to Asane. On November 24, politicians will decide whether Pipenen will go through a tunnel or go above Bryan.

Who is left in the debate? Yes, politicians who have not yet come to an agreement have forgotten the purpose of Pipenan.

In the year 2000 It was decided to build a pipeline connecting the city and providing better public transport service to the residents of Bergen.

I The 2012 debate began Whether or not to put on pipenen briquettes. With proposals, agreement and disagreements back and forth, the debate is not over yet.

There have been Bergen people Let enough patience and discussion continue for almost ten years. It is time for politicians to agree on a solution to the path to Assange.

If the pipeline is built through a tunnel, it will take longer to plan and more time to build. Overall, the tunnel solution will allow the new route to open three to four years later than the route through Brecon.

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Bergen Conservatives should join Brygan’s journey.

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Conservatives should allow Pipenen to acquire the 100-year-old railway tunnel in the city center and create a new tunnel for trains.

The Bergen Conservatives lost Debate and the best thing is to realize that a path over Bryggen is not a tunnel solution It costs almost three times as much. The day solution is fast and accessible to the residents of Bergen.

This is a solution where fewer buildings need to be demolished, which have lower annual operating costs, and which is not ideal for the environment, with Pipenen set out on a path over Bryggen. The tunnel generates alternate emissions 13.830 tons CO₂ equivivalenter. For the Bryggen alternative, emissions are equivalent to 5950 tons of CO₂.

List of arguments Long. Arguments should make the choice much easier because the answer is so simple. Realizing that the Bergen Conservatives have failed in the debate, the city and its citizens need to join the best solution.

I am tired of watching the power struggle between politicians. It does not matter who wins. A solution that is best built for Pipenan citizens and the climate should be appropriate – and not have to wait many more years to get Pipenon to Asan.