Detection of trauma during the Rammstein stage

Detection of trauma during the Rammstein stage

The German rock group, which made history last year when it held the largest Norwegian concert ever in Bjerke, has in recent weeks generated a huge amount of speculation and accusations against them.

The charges mainly concern women who speak of horrific experiences during and after Rammstein’s concerts.

Particularly intensifies around singer and frontman Till Lindemann (60).

The police investigation in Vilnius into the vocalist was almost replaced this week by a new investigation by the Police Ministry in Berlin, reports include tagespiegel.

Termination of cooperation

Lindemann’s ex-girlfriend, Sofia Thomalla, and other public figures have all come forward to defend Lindemann against the charges.

The ultimate rock monster

Seemingly out of luck.

More and more companies and partners are withdrawing from business cooperation with the band.

Just over a week ago, cosmetics chain Rossmann pulled all perfumes and cosmetics featuring the Rammstein logo, as a result of the uproar surrounding the singer, according to Germany. picture.

German publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch also ruled out any future collaborations with Till Lindemann.

A spokesperson for the publisher proclaimed our condolences and respect to all the women affected Tagesshaw.

The publisher has published two collections of the singer’s poetry, and the books have been translated into Swedish and Russian, among others.


Another company is now in the process of terminating its collaboration with the rock band after numerous accusations.

Effects: Rammstein is particularly known for his use of theatrical effects and lighting.  Photo: Peter Demela/NTB

Effects: Rammstein is particularly known for his use of theatrical effects and lighting. Photo: Peter Demela/NTB
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According to world.

The company’s president, Aeneas Hohnadel, told the newspaper that the end of the collaboration had mainly to do with the band’s and Lindemann’s behavior during the stage.

Hohenadl claims that the room under the Rammstein Theatre, commonly referred to as the “Black Room” among fans, was used for Lindemann’s sexual needs.

According to Hohenadl, the room would be known as the “lactation room” — or “sugerommet” in Norwegian among crew members and the band’s inner circle.

He claims that both security personnel and people in the squad’s inner circle systematically recruited young women into the room to engage in sexual acts with Lindemann.

– As a company, we choose to move away from Rammstein. I don’t want to work with the band in the future, he told the newspaper, at the same time referring to “nursing” as an “open secret” in the industry.

Defending himself

Rammstein and the members involved were relatively negative about the accusations.

Among other things, the much-discussed “Zero Row Chart” was canceled and the band removed “Pussy” from the setlist for the concert.

Rammstein, who is currently on tour, also called for debate over the accusations, but also made clear the importance of not prejudging.

“We condemn any form of transgression and ask that you not engage in public prejudice of any kind, even against those who have made the accusations. Her Instagram profile earlier in June.

Till Lindemann has not officially commented on the accusations but has instead gone for legal help, according to several German media outlets. among them TZ.

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