Difficult driving conditions and slippery roads in western Norway

Difficult driving conditions and slippery roads in western Norway

Many of the national roads in Rogaland and Westland have extremely difficult driving conditions with wet snow and frost on the ground on Thursday evening.

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The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has informed this.

– Conditions are difficult in the lowlands and mountains in western Norway, they write in a press release.

– In low-lying areas, there are many places where it rains wet snow that freezes when it hits the ground. Slippery roads were reported between the E16 between Vågsbotn and Indre Arna, the E16 at Borlaug in Lærdal and the E39 at Lund in Rogaland.

Gentle on the beach

High winds and precipitation are expected at higher altitudes, and people should be prepared for mountain passes to be closed at short notice.

Also slippery along the coast.

– Slippery roads have been reported in many places and contractors are working on it, but high rainfall makes it difficult to maintain standards, says Henny-Kristin Asperanden Navarset, emergency advisor at the Norwegian Road Administration.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is asking people to consider whether they can postpone their journey until the weather improves. It will do so from Friday afternoon.

– We want to encourage people to drive according to the conditions. Not to rush there, but to get there safely.

Regular buses

West Police District at 11.30pm two buses at two different locations – Bergen and Brett Bones – have major challenges on smooth roads.

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– Stands on the ground and applies the brake. As they try to drive away, they slip, police write.

Fortunately, there were no passengers on board.

Police patrolling the scene said they were fighting on their own with four-wheelers and flat tires.

– So soft in that area, the police write in capital letters.

Progress in eastern Norway

For eastern Norway, there will already be an improvement from the morning.

– Meteorologist on duty Jan-Erik Brandt told VG on Thursday evening that it will not be the same day as today in terms of foggy weather.

Eastern Norway is mostly partly cloudy, he says.

However, eastern parts of eastern Norway will receive some snow. Brandt says this applies east of Oslo, Gardermoen and Mjosa towards the Swedish border.

Snow caused problems at Gardermoen on Thursday evening, where a plane had to be assisted by a tow truck. There are many delays and canceled flights here. Baggage is also delayed.

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