Disappeared: – Sorry

Disappeared: – Sorry

A massive search has been launched for 16-year-old Russian skier Alena Gorbacheva, who was reported missing when she had yet to show up for a training session on Monday night.

At some point, a murder alarm was also sounded as divers searched for the 16-year-old in a body of water near where she was last seen near the park.

Fortunately, Gorbacheva was found safe and sound on Tuesday evening, in a cinema hall in a local shopping center in Moscow, with ice cream in her hand. According to a source who spoke to RIA Novosti, she was supposed to spend the night climbing some stairs in a building in Moscow.

On Tuesday morning, she posted a picture of herself grinning, and at the same time issued an apology on social media.

“Sorry for making everyone so tense and worried about me. Now everything is fine, I’m at home with my favorite cleaner and mom. Don’t despair, what I did has nothing to do with figure skating,” Gorbacheva wrote on Instagram.

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He lived with the coach

She adds that everything is fine with her and the trainer, Sofia Anatolyevna, and that readers “should not believe everything that is published in the media.”


The reason is what was reported in the Russian media about her disagreement with her coach, and this may be the reason for her disappearance.

According to the Russian, 16-year-old Newspaper They have lived with their coach for the past seven years. According to Gorbacheva’s grandmother, the coach allegedly refused the 16-year-old any contact with the family for three years.

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very important

Not everyone buys Gorbacheva’s explanation that all is well between her and the coach. The coach of the Russian national team, Yelena Tchaikovsky, believes that the relationship between them cannot be good.

– I am worried that today the relationship between the coach and the athlete has changed dramatically. “In my time, the athletes and I were one family, they always trusted me, and things like this simply could not have happened,” Tchaikovsky tells the news agency. TASS And it continues:

– Yes, there were some conflicts, but the coach’s task is to anticipate such matters in order to preserve the athlete and himself. I am always against such situations in which a child can disappear. It scares me, both as a national team coach and as a coach in general.

Figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova criticizes that Gorbacheva simply ran away without telling anyone.

– When you are 16 years old, it means that the person is an adult. If she doesn’t understand what she’s doing at this age, what kind of person is she? “She could have called her mother and told her she was alive, safe and not getting on our nerves,” Tarasova told TASS.

Figure skater Elizaveta Khodayberdieva defends the 16-year-old.

The last thing you should do right now is hate a 16-year-old. Fortunately, Alina was found and nothing threatens her physical health except for her mental health, says Khodayberdieva.

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