Mistaken for whitefly fungus and sheep fungus – Neighbor and his wife taken to hospital by ambulance – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio

Mistaken for whitefly fungus and sheep fungus – Neighbor and his wife taken to hospital by ambulance – NRK Trøndelag – Local news, TV and radio

Yngvar Holt lives in Halten in eastern Norway. He is one of those who have a secret mushroom location.

– I rarely see people in that area. It is in a spruce forest and halfway towards a swamp.

Like a forest guardian, he follows the chanterelle from its infancy until it grows big and ready to fry.

And when NRK visits, forest gold is pan-fried with butter and cream.

But Yngvar Holt sticks to yellow mushrooms. And with good reason – Because an incident a few years ago was about to have tragic consequences.

A small white mushroom

That day, Holt’s neighbor Torrey shows up at the door. Yangwar wondered if he knew what mushroom he was holding.

– I thought I was a mushroom. I didn’t think it was a whitefly fungus. When you make that mistake, Holt says, you fear for yourself.

Tor Iverson has to cook dinner until his wife gets home from work. They had a wedding anniversary. And mushroom stew has been added to the menu.

We can laugh about it now, Youngvar says, it’s my responsibility to check.

He says that they had dinner and it took them half a day to notice anything.

– DOne scary thing about that fungus is that you won’t feel anything after 12 hours. And then it’s too late, says Torrey Iverson.

It is best to look at the back of the mushroom to know what type it is. The first is white fly agaric and the second is champignon mushroom.

Lying on the floor with cramps

It started as a social disorder. Iverson vomited, but no matter how much he vomited, the nausea did not go away. He also had pain in his legs.

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– I was looking after the children of two of our friends, so I called the father and asked him to pick them up. When he came, I was lying on the floor with cramps in both legs, says Torrey Iverson.

An ambulance was called, and the children’s father sent the remains of the mushroom shells to the hospital. On the way there, Iverson’s wife also became ill and was carried on the road.

– If we didn’t get there so early and start DialysisIf it doesn’t go well.

Now the two boys are more suspicious about the mushrooms.

You will be a little scared. “When I see a white mushroom, I think of this story,” Holt says.

I think we both realize how easy it is to make mistakes, Iverson continues.

Numbers from Poison information Compared to the average of the last five years, there has been a 44 percent increase in the number of inquiries this year.

Yangwar Holt basket full of chanterelles.

Photo: Private

These are very dangerous

Trent Christian Schumacher is a doctor, Mycologist and Professor Emeritus of Biology. The expert believes As people are more concerned about what they eat, interest in mushrooms has increased in the population.

– This is a kind of green wave. You want to know nature, he says, and know what plants and edible mushrooms nature provides.

White fly agaric in Norway is highly toxic, says mycologist. In addition to the green “brother”. Both of these are very dangerous for our liver.

Additionally, one has Mouse Tatstool. It destroys the kidneys.

But why is it so easy to get it wrong?

Mouse Tatstool

This is what a toadstool looks like. It destroys our kidneys a little bit.

Photo: Crow Gulden/Botanical Museum

– Turn the mushroom

– You need to learn what to look for based on attributes. Then you should not be misled by the color. There are a lot of white mushrooms. You have to turn the mushroom over and look at the bottom, he says Schumacher.

White fly agaric, for example, has discs that are close together at the base. When the mushroom has holes or tubes, the expert explains.

At Yngvar Holt’s house in Halton, the mushroom stew is finished. He asks if his old neighbor Torrey Iverson would like a taste.

– I just ate, otherwise thank you, answer.

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