Discussion, debate | Finding a cure is urgent

Discussion, debate |  Finding a cure is urgent

boss This is a leader. The editor expresses the newspaper’s position.

NOK 100,000 per week Every week, Lom pays rent to the GP. Giving residents the medical care they are entitled to has become a nightmare for many municipalities. The municipality of Lomme has set up a new medical practice, but no one wants the job.

Lum is not alone. Municipalities try to recruit GPs from a small part of the labor market where very few people want to join the GP service, because the workload is much more demanding than when the scheme was created.

GP deficiency It is greatest in regions. In 29 district municipalities, at least 30 percent of the population lacks a general practitioner, figures from the Association of General Practitioners show.

For 10 years Did we talk about the general practitioner service crisis? Nine out of ten patients are seen and treated by GPs. This tremendous work is done for little pay in the health context. We know that the number of older people is increasing and that villages experiencing displacement will face significant challenges in providing new residents with the help they need.

employment The profession can be improved by increasing the basic premium and creating more GP posts. Then, each GP will have fewer patients and more time for each individual. Lillehammer has successfully spent NOK 20 million on recruitment measures, as well as introducing stabilization measures to retain already established doctors.

For small municipalities And those on the margins, with a larger population of older people and under greater financial pressure, the battle for GPs is more difficult. The modern medical practice in which patients are largely helped by technology can relieve some stress, but it can also lead to more loneliness. Increased cooperation across municipal boundaries could also make its way. Municipalities must try to find solutions, as must the state. It’s urgent.

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