Attacks on Gaza continue: – I am shocked

Attacks on Gaza continue: – I am shocked
Attacks on Gaza continue: – I am shocked

In the early hours of Sunday morning, internet coverage gradually returned to the Gaza Strip. The International Committee of the Red Cross calls for an end to the suffering of the civilian population.


On Friday evening, Israel intensified its attacks in Gaza, and on Saturday and Sunday night Powerful explosions were reported East and north of the Gaza Strip.

While the attacks continue, Are your internet and phone lines cut? This means that there is very little information available about what is happening on Earth.

However, early Sunday morning, several Palestinian media outlets reported that internet and phone coverage was gradually returning, NTB reported. This is what he confirmed Independent NetBlocks.

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In an update on Sunday night, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) wrote that the information they were able to gather over the past 24 hours indicated that Gaza had witnessed “the heaviest Israeli bomb attacks and shelling.” The heaviest bombing since the war began three weeks ago.

In addition, Israeli infantry forces and armored vehicles entered various areas of Gaza, where clashes occurred with Palestinian armed groups, they write.

According to health authorities in the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas, the death toll has so far exceeded 8,000 people.

Follow developments in the war between Israel and Gaza live here.

– Empty of fuel

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced, late on Saturday evening, that it was able to obtain two audio messages from its team inside the Gaza Strip, which were sent to the organization’s employees in Egypt.

Here are some bits of reality for emergency relief workers inside Gaza right now:

– Due to the communication breakdown, we had to distribute ambulances geographically to all regions, although this is more dangerous for our teams, says one person. Coordinator in one of the messages.

Three ambulances stopped because they ran out of fuel, the second message says.

The Israeli newspaper wrote that doctors in Gaza are also talking about a hopeless situation Haaretz.

– Hospitals are crowded with patients. Amputations and operations are performed without proper anesthesia. The morgues are full of corpses, says surgeon Mohammed Obaid, who works with Doctors Without Borders in Gaza.

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The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs wrote that the power outage in Gaza meant that ambulances could no longer find the wounded, and that citizens could no longer access information about the safest place to stay.

President of the Red Cross: – Shocked

The International Committee of the Red Cross called late Saturday evening for an immediate end to the violence in the Gaza Strip.

“I am shocked by the unbearable level of human suffering,” President Mirjana Spoljaric says in a statement.

It also says it is unacceptable that more than two million civilians in Gaza have nowhere to flee during violent attacks.

She continued: “This is a colossal failure that the world must not tolerate.”

On Friday evening, the Israeli army announced that it would expand its attacks on Gaza. Whether on the ground or in the air. These statements were followed by intense bomb attacks, which were the bloodiest, according to Al Jazeera, since the war began three weeks ago.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu followed up on Saturday by saying that the war inside Gaza would be “difficult and long.” He stressed that Israeli soldiers are fighting inside the Gaza Strip in what he described as the “second step” of the war.


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