Comment: When she is asked about abuse, I feel upset

Comment: When she is asked about abuse, I feel upset

Snorre Kind Monsson (TV) and Gaute Berg Næss (10th), who are presenters of the program

Many people wonder: “Is it no longer allowed to joke about anything?” Well, isn't it okay to be offended by something too?


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There is an oppressive silence in the studio before the announcer drowns out.

“Sexual assault, what is it? Did he hit you with his penis, like?”

It's comedian Gutberg Ness who asks. “Sidekick” Snorri Kind Monsoon tries to hold back his laughter.

Guest Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen closes her eyes and laughs.

Komiker-Norge now celebrates the “Gauteshow”.» On NRK. Finally it is She is allowed to be politically incorrect again.

Meat with short people, pedophilia, racism and “fat shaming” on the government channel. And many of them have a good laugh, Although death roll two.

LER: Artist and activist Ella Marie Haita Isaksen during

When Ella Marie is asked about her experiences with abuse, I cringe a little.

Mostly because I think it's a bad joke. And a little because I think Gut and Snorri are among the few who still make people laugh.

L: I wonder if two boys from a minority background got away with saying that rapists “may hurt their penises” when they commit abuse.

Or about two women You could sit down and joke around with a man who was in an abusive relationship.

Maybe I don't think so. I think we were asking for their jokes to be better.

When Martha Levenstad did what all Norwegian male comedians always do during Riket's Roast, there was a reason behind the strong reactions. Because she was shy, like everyone else, she received a tremendous amount of teasing.

On the other hand, Snore and Gott take advantage of the fact that it's worse to be sensitive than to be rude in the year 2024.

You don't want to be easily offended.

This is repeated in the way we talk about humor. Many of them praise minorities or others who are being mocked, if they themselves find it funny. If not, you may be viewed as having “no sense of humour.”

The situation can be painful. For example, being labeled as a highly sensitive minority who is unable to take a joke.

It is nice that we explain each other in the best sense, and leave room for humor without laughing at ourselves. And no one is asking you to laugh at Gauteshow or other boring jokes.

But the reactions were often to scream “offended” every time someone reacted to something, or thought something was hurtful.

In the “Tore og Harald podcast”, comedian Harald Ia speaks very kindly about the fact that there are some jokes that he cannot laugh at – that make him uncomfortable, linked to personal trauma.

Likewise, a person suffering from trauma from abuse may not laugh at a joke about rape. It's not so strange – and it's perfectly fine to point it out as something we should understand.

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This does not mean that Gauteshow should not continue on NRK. That's perfectly fine, that. As long as we have room to talk about the program.

Comedians have to put up with their audience not laughing. Of course, they are interested in how their jokes reach their hearts.

Actually, it's not that difficult: we have to put up with comedians who push the boundaries, and they have to put up with hearing about it.

Listen to the podcast comments section:


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