FHI on Pfizer’s prediction: – Not unrealistic

FHI on Pfizer's prediction: - Not unrealistic

Pfizer estimates that the pandemic will last until 2024.

This was stated by Pfizer President Michael Dolsten on Friday, During a presentation to investors. They estimate that some regions of the world will continue to spread the epidemic for more than two more years, while other countries will move to an “endemic” state with outbreaks of small, controllable viruses.

It is related to the omicron variant of the Pfizer coronavirus that came with the prediction. It reduced the effectiveness of two doses of the vaccine, creating fear around the world.

Consider milder varieties

FHI’s Technical Director Frode Forland believes the estimate is not entirely unrealistic.

— There are some bleak possibilities, but they may not be unrealistic when you look at how different vaccines are distributed around the world, he says.

For example, only about five percent in Africa have been vaccinated.

– This means that many viruses will spread in many different countries, and there may be new variants that may require us to come in and have new measures and vaccines – also in our part of the world.

According to Forland, this could come and go for a long time to come.

– Then we can hope that the variables will become milder with age, in order to avoid major shutdowns in society to deal with the situation.

trust: Most people in Norway choose to have the vaccine. FHI’s Frode Forland comments on vaccine development. Video: Dagbladet TV
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Lots of different varieties

When asked if a community should shut down every time a new variant occurs, Forland said that only when we get a new variant that gives more infection, and perhaps gives more serious disease and a less effective vaccine, does he decide.

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We have a lot of different variables through the epidemic and dozens of different subsets of variables.

He adds that it is difficult to predict the situation ahead.

– Now we have a population in Norway that is well covered with the vaccine and we think it will be very useful for both omicron and other variants to come.


Since the end of November, taking omikron . variant Bigger and bigger space. According to figures from the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), at least 2,060 cases of the variant were detected in this country on December 17.

Line Vold from FHI Dagbladet previously told that she believes we will have a situation similar to the one we see in Denmark and the UK.

In Denmark, infection Tripled after the discovery of the omicron. At the same time, British Health Minister Sajid Javid warned against it Perhaps a million Britons have been injured From omikron variant by the end of the year.

Flood: On Saturday 18 December, central Norway was hit by a heavy flood. Some do not go to work, others flooded basements. Video: Dagbladet TV / Evan Larsson
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– dark messages

Do you think the current national measures are sufficient to confront Omicron and his alleged threat?

– We don’t quite know. We think it’s good enough to quell an ongoing delta outbreak, and hopefully, it’s also effective in controlling oomicrons, Forland says.

He says FHI is following up on this from week to week.

– It depends on how quickly we get to the omicron and how much it affects the spread of infection in the country. There are some bleak messages from both Denmark and the UK that this is going too fast. Are there many people who get sick? If a lot of people get infected, there are also many who get sick. So we have to find out and prevent it from happening.

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