Discussion, true | Høgre resembles a cult of personality with no room for criticism of the venerable leader

Discussion, true |  Høgre resembles a cult of personality with no room for criticism of the venerable leader

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Is this something right-wingers typically despise?When an individual is intimidated by the system. When classes must be closed, with no room for critical questions. When everyone has to go in sync.

It is one of the most beloved features of right-wingers. A party where the party whip isn't the tool at the front of the cupboard. At least that's the story right-wingers like to tell.

The party that has the tradition To liberate people when it comes to matters of value.

The party that loves criticism The central features of the party on the opposite political side.

It is therefore remarkable that nearly 1,900 Hojri secretaries – and we are now talking about the party with the second largest number of elected representatives in the Kingdom – have remained silent about the problematic stock trading that took place at the Prime Minister's residence. .

When their leader was in charge.

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People's communication is at most confinedThe world's undemocratic and unilateral regimes should look to Norway to learn from it. Completely without violence, completely without leaking any strict central decree, completely without any trace of bad conscience, Erna Solberg's internal criticism was completely absent.

No one has come up with anything that could budge a millimeter in the position of the Grand Commander.

The leader who traveled to the country on the bus to make sure they have a hand on the wheel. A great leader who can thank him for new positions of power. The leader they hope will return once again to the light, as the one great person who will rule the kingdom.

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Let's summarize a little. Just to clarify what this issue actually is.


While Erna Solberg was Prime Minister of Norway, there was widespread stock trading with politically sensitive stocks at the Prime Minister's residence. Thus, the Prime Minister's family spent huge sums of money in the private economy by buying and selling shares in companies such as Norsk Hydro, Equinor, Kongsberg Group, Nordic Mining and Leroy Seafoods. And many other things. It certainly didn't give a particular profit either. About three times the average salary of people in the Kingdom. There were talk of at least 3,600 transactions.

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The Prime Minister's husband also bet About the negative effects that a new closure of the country may have, before the Prime Minister closes the country.

Clear notice was given early in the civil service that this practice was a problem. However, the strength and scope of the trade increased during Solberg's time at the Prime Minister's Residence.

What the Prime Minister actually knowsVery interesting, but not really conclusive. She was the Prime Minister. She was responsible for her integrity. She was responsible for ensuring that the country was run in the most transparent and trustworthy way possible.

Also as leader of Høgre, Solberg helps manage the trust of Norwegian politicians.

At first this may seem like a husband's problem. Gradually, and in fact just before the election, it became clear that this was Erna Solberg's problem too. After the election, there was no doubt about it.

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For every passing day Without a single party leader raising his or her voice, it becomes an increasing problem for Hughri as a party. It is now also a question of the credibility of all those who have been trusted to govern Norwegian municipalities.

They responded with tacit, harmonious acceptance.

Therefore the conclusion must be That there is unquestioned and unanimous support in the party. It is not difficult for the Norwegian Prime Minister's family to be able to enrich themselves with stocks, which are particularly vulnerable to political decisions.

Do the people in Hogre really mean that?

The fact that “everyone” except the senators thinks it is dangerous for the former prime minister does not bode well at all. Where has the principled right become?

Many of those who naturally vote for HøgreThey organized their lives according to the job they took. Business lawyers placed their money in non-controversial trusts and gave strict instructions to their spouses to do the same. In the world of business and the financial industry, there is zero tolerance for any activity that might give rise to even the slightest suspicion of misuse of inside information.

Similar turmoil associated with the dealings of a senior manager's wife in the business world would not have been possible to live with.

These people shake hands in pairs On top of what happened – not just in the corridors of power – but in the home offices where power was displayed. Imagine if they did the same thing?

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Is Høgre really a party where there are no limits to criticizing the party leader? Is Hojri really a party in which no one sees moral and principled problems with the activity that took place at the Prime Minister's House? Is Hujri really a party that does not expect more from those who will rule the country?

Is Høgre really a party? Who can't manage without Erna Solberg, should this be the result?

In this case, such a party is more like a simple personality cult, than a responsible and open Norwegian ruling party.

I seriously think a fair number of people in Hogre see that too. The only question is what time someone dares to say.

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