Kaskjer, Pulse | I distributed 300 tickets

Kaskjer, Pulse |  I distributed 300 tickets

name: The silver one
age: 53
residence: Sandviken
Current with: New Year's concert with Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag in Grieghallen on 31 December.

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– What can the audience expect?

– New Year's atmosphere, good music and great soloists like Helge Jordal, Sjur Hjultnes, Lydia Høyen Tjør and Marie Bolgen Halvorsen. Champagne gallop and of course Nystemten!

– How did the idea of ​​distributing 300 tickets come about?

– During the year there was a lot of focus on time wasting, inflation, interest rate jumps, mental health and loneliness. We did a quick poll and found that New Year's Eve is actually the day of the year when loneliness actually begins.

– In previous years, there has been a lot of focus, including in the media, on looking out for each other on Christmas Eve. This has clearly had a positive impact.

– When we contacted the church mission in Bergen and told them that we wanted to give them 200 tickets to this year's New Year's concert, the joy was great. They assured us that New Year's Eve is the most difficult day of the year. We also gave away 100 tickets to the volunteer center in Alvear. It is a pleasure to be able to contribute.

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-Who would you like to have dinner with in Bergens – and why?

– Helgi Jordal. He is knowledgeable, handsome and full of life experience.

-Who is the cultural representative from our region that most impressed you this year?

-Bergen has a great dance environment! Michelle and Marcus have just been named Talents of the Year by the Norwegian Dance Association. They are 16 years old and can be met at Grieghallen on New Year's Eve.

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– How do you deal with criticism (such as bad reviews)?

– Unfortunately, I cannot express myself. I play in a band, and unfortunately it is not in the media's interest for me to review it. bring it!

– Did you have a turning point in your life?

– actually yes. I was one of those who bought a cottage in the Corona era. And this is joy. I didn't know weed was this much fun. Help me as I look forward to spring!

– What is the most embarrassing incident you have ever encountered in front of an audience that you can now look back on and laugh at?

– I was in charge of an event in Gamlehaugen. “King Halliesen, is everything all right?” Mads Bervin shouted to HMK Harald. (After telling Mads countless times that he should just play, not give his own lines.)

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-What is a rumor about you that you wish was true?

– That I was the first man to reach the moon!

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– Who would have received this year's Bergenser Prize, if you could choose?

– Trond Mohn. He offers. He sees things that others do not see.

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